Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

Updated bug reports about Leclercs made by me. it would be cool if we could get them getting some attention:


Hi everyone. While I was reading the thread made for the Leclerc, the issue with the consultant for France also appeared there.
Therefore, I sent an email to Gaijin offering my services to assist or become the new consultant for France as the community doesn’t seem very pleased with his work …
Glad to say that I got an asnwer saying that my proposal had been sent to the community lead and we are now waiting an answer from him.

If they do recruit me, I’d be glad to join the discord you were talking about and interact as much as possible with the community.


I’d also like to see the consultant be either removed or at least forced into getting in touch with the community they’re supposed to represent.
I also see the people in our community writing extensive bug-reports that are insanely well sourced, only to have them thrown out because the lackluster information from the consultant is preferred by Gaijin. A process that repeats itself every patch. Every time we see a new issue we almost immediately facepalm as once again some glaring issue appears on it that could have been prevented with expanding research beyond Wikipedia.
If the consultant actually exists then please at the very least let them get in touch. We’ll assist them in any way we can because we just want to have our stuff implemented properly.
I don’t see any reason why a reasonable person would decline such an offer, their work would literally be made easier. If that’s refused then how can we still look at the consultant and their work and believe that they’re acting in our best interest?

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The lack of French SPAA kills me.

There’s loads of unguided, multiple cannon armed vehicles to pick from to fill out 5.0-7.0 BR and surely the AMX-13 DCA would be a perfect addition at 7.7 as an early radar guided SPAA.


Which one ? The twin 20mm one, the other twin 20mm one, the quad 20mm one, the other quad 20mm one, the twin 25mm one or the twin 30mm one ?


If you’re counting the VCI as an AMX-13 then you’ve still forgotten the quad 12.7mm one

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Kinda forgot about it and the VCI chassis.

I was thinking of , in order, AMX 13 S533, AMX 13 TA 20, AMX 13 S232, that one Swiss AMX 13 which i dont know the name of the turret , AMX 13 TA25, AMX 13 S401 (aka AMX 13 DCA 30 radarless proto given we get the turret with radar on X30).

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Hi guys

We wanted to address your feedback directly and have a response from the development team about the work of consultants within the game:

Our internal consultants are vital at helping the development team gather information and sources regarding upcoming vehicles to the game. They however in no way dictate what vehicles appear in game or when. Their role is strictly limited to gathering information and source reviewing for the developers. If a particular vehicle is lacking in information, then our consultants will work on sourcing and locating that needed research. All plans and decisions regarding new additions to the game or changes to existing vehicles or weaponry falls specifically to the development team. Consultants do not impact on or decide what does or what does not get introduced or changed in game.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, Nation-specific consultants are the exception rather than the rule. The primary reason for specific consultants is associated with language barriers (Such as Chinese or Japanese), or general lack of availability of information / source material. Most of our internal consultant team have a wide array of vehicle knowledge spanning multiple nations at once and are not specifically tied to one nation as some of the previously mentioned consultants have been. Our internal team shares tasks between them depending on the type of vehicle and needs at any given time. This is how many of the nations in the game are covered such as British, French, German, American, Soviet/Russian, Israeli vehicles and others.

Whilst our internal consultant team does their utmost best to fully research vehicles coming to the game for all nations, some issues can still occur in that process due to the many complexities of vehicle development (and they can appear across any nation and are not specific to one). We are always working to address and fix valuable player-made reports which we are extremely grateful for and along with our own internal research, we always strive to improve in every aspect we can. We are also constantly looking to improve the work of our consultant team and prevent more mistakes and issues from appearing for vehicles in game.

Regarding the issues and reports raised specifically in this topic, we will pass them all on for consideration with the development team once again.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and continued support of the game. We really appreciate your passion and dedication.


Complaints were about air consultant (we don’t even know if he exists). For ground and naval there are very good consultants which often interact with the community.

The meme that “Gaijin hates France” has existed for a long time. It would be nice if that went away.

It really seems like the community has to fight tooth and nail to get anything done in the French TT. The missing 25 hp on the Leclerc was reported and ignored years ago. Every website I’ve been to about the Leclerc has said 1500hp. Now it finally gets changed years later because a player didnt give up and found a source Gaijin would accept.

Things that are common sense, but still classified, are impossible to get changed like the armor on the Leclerc. A modern MBT isn’t going to be penable at 2000m on 90% of its surface area. But Gaijin would only accept classified source material as authentic before denying because it’s classified.

The meme exists for a reason. Gaijin really seems to prioritize USA/RU and every other nation is given scraps. New additions like the Mirage seemed highly rushed and unfinished. Like they were worked on and added last minute. Coming not to the dev server but the game with dozens of errors and inaccuracies. Then a few hard working players fight Gaijin for months trying to fix Gaijin’s rushed job.

The Magic 2, the 530D… The examples are countless.

I’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars playing this game and as a player who likes a few minor nations I am sick of the feeling of Gaijin spitting in my face. Which is my genuine perception as a minor nation player


are you talking about the Azur or all of the Leclercs

Leclerc AZUR had no changed to the frontal armor. Neither for any other proposed packages like the Turkish or Swedish one. Mind you Leo 2 did get upgraded frontal Armor with the STRV 122. Leclercs Armor was tested up to OFL120 F1A which is way above the current Armor modeled in game. Sadly all sources we found so far aren’t accepted

I hope you french players get a good result


no what I’m asking if he’s referring to the Azur having no composite modeled currently
or if he’s talking about how all Leclercs have that stupid 250mm ufp in game rn

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Probably all as AZUR is still WIP as we can clearly see

The biggest issue is that devs drag out the time they would fix a report. Reports may sit there for years, which is why the consultant is more important than ever to make sure the vehicle comes to the game correctly.

If the consultant does not ensure the vehicle is properly implemented arriving onto the dev server, then we have to submit countless reports which is up to the complete discretion of certain developers if they want to implement.

Case in point, the F-4J, Mig-29, F-16C, and J-8F all came to the game with helmet-mounted sight and not needing any report for it. When the Mirage 2000-5F has now come, there is still no helmet-mounted sight to this day despite being reported early during the dev server just because the French consultant has not done their job.

The work of a consultant + the unwillingness of developers to implement reports determines whether or not France can remain competitive or be completely shafted.


All of them, especially the UFP


Yeah, “once again”

That’s one step coming from Forum//Bug-report staff good will and dedication

Last of which is highly superior to devs teams, since the true begin of the game in 2013

but if it’s just going to be ignored it changes nothing.

And so,… we will have to wait again for months.

Our Enthusiasm, Passion and dedication didn’t falter at any time ^^"

But the fact that we want to support a game that is not really advocating to answer our Enthusiasm/passion/dedication seems to be critically hit from the last previous years.

The problem is currently not on community side, as this community try to have anything fixed when possible, even if sometimes sources are questionnable in many ways.

The process of bug reporting and fixing, seems to have a Major problem once it reached the “Passed to Devs” stage,… and it would be interesting to have some higher level of communication about it.

It wouldn’t be too hard to gives some 6 months period status on bug reports:

  • how many B-R at the start of the period
  • how many B-R been fixed/denied
  • how many B-R been added
  • how many B-R left to be fixed/denied
    Aslongside those numbers, maybe add some comments on denied reports when it have been reported by 15/20 players maybe

Not that hard to communicate, as Gaijin loves communication, it would be great if it is possible.

About consultants:
Maybe having 3/4 consultants may helped to found out missing informations/completing bug-reports.

But many of those consultants should be French Natives,… not that most people aren’t able to do job, but when it comes to french written docs, it seems that french peoples are much more able to understand what is written on said docs,… (i talk from B-R experience of my own)


Not only that but also the access to some documents as many aren’t available online. I had to call around and email for some details on aircraft standing in museums around France. I got around 2/3rd of my information on them (including aircraft like Milan) which weren’t to be found anywhere else. Neither translated nor original. France is a little odd with their military data but you can get them with sometimes more and sometimes less effort.


Yes indeed, information may be hard to find.
I hope that it will help me in my recruitment process that I am both native and have contacts within the military.
Fingers crossed.