Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

Yes indeed, information may be hard to find.
I hope that it will help me in my recruitment process that I am both native and have contacts within the military.
Fingers crossed.


wdym ?

I will be honest here. Even though you’re absolutely right, this is probably one of the worst examples you could have used. That’s because of how inconsequential the missing 25 HPs are.
There are some issues that are in a much, much worse situation than that when it comes to France.
The Mistral issue is the one that comes to mind first, but there are dozens of others.

France’s reputation of being the least looked after nation compared to its arms industry doesn’t come from nowhere. It was built over time by the Devs disregarding it.

I believe we can all agree on the fact that it’s too difficult to get anything fixed regarding France.
The other issue is that fixing anything, even the slightest thing takes literal YEARS.

Those are really the two main issues regarding France it would be nice to have the Dev team acknowledging it, and then act to correct it.


That is why I chose it as an example. It is a nothing change and still have to go to war with Gaijin to get it changed.

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A little off topic but does the topic for the mistral problem exists on the new forum ? couldn’t find it last time I tried.

And gotta agree, this one is one of the worst. Multiple sources stating the same thing, with one being from a matra engineer if I recall correctly. And it’s been more than 1 year now I think.

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Figured might as well:



Oh, and that was from Rene Carpentier, Director of the Defense Branch of Matra, 72-97; Professor of Tactical Missiles Course at Sup’Aéro (the Premiere Aerospace University of France ), 67-84; Chairman, GIE Eurodrone, 89-93; Head Project Director in Charge of Development for R.530, Martel, R.550, MICA, Apache, and most importantly, Mistral

And yes I quoted my own report lol


Hello, is it possible to get a link for the French Tech Tree Discord server ?

the same for me please ^^.

OFL 120 F2 for the later Leclercs?

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The reality is people just want stuff done right for minor nations. The US/RU get their vehicles in tip top shape and everything (mostly) accurate and well done. But other nations just get copy paste rushed jobs of vehicles - don’t get things they are supposed to or missing.

This is why on the DEV server it is important to fix things then and get everything correct so when the vehicle comes to live server it doesn’t sit for years with some issue before Gaijin actually fixes it.

What Gaijin needs to do is just stop cramming stuff in the game for RU/US and get all the minor nations up to snuff. Their end goal is top tier stuff, as most lower mid tier stuff barely gets a glance now a days. So bring everyone onto a level playing field so people can pick a nation - grind it and play it and enjoy it without constantly being power crept or having a vehicle that is not performing right, which makes it no fun to play.

At the end of the day I want to see variety in top tier games - I want to see a really good mix of vehicles and the way to do that is give nations good stuff, so people want to take the effort and grind down the line because they know it will be worth it at the end.


thanks a lot !

Thanks for your guys’ efforts. Any kind soul to share the link to the Discord please? :)

Also, a link to a bug report I made about the frontal armor of the Leclerc failing to ricochet shells exceeding the guaranteed ricochet angle. Made it a week ago, but no news so far.

The problem with the AMX-13 DCA is that it has the exact same turret and radar as the AMX-30DCA, so it might be a bit difficult to balance at a lower tier. IMO, a better choice for lower tier would be the VAB VDAA:

More mobile, but with twin 20mm Oerlikons so they should be less capable than the twin 30mm found on the AMX-30 DCA, especially if they limit what kind of ammo it can bring.

And after the AMX-30DCA they could add the AMX-10RAA:

Same gun as the AMX-30 DCA, but with better radar and mobility.

Given the constant grievance that the French community has with how the nation is handled, gaijin should seriously consider reevaluating their position on this subject as their current approach doesn’t seem to work very well.

Thanks for this.


There’s a radarless version if they really need it.
AMX 13 both had the radarless versin of the S401 turret (twin 30mm) and the TA20 (turret on the VAB you posted), as well as the S533 (twin 20 x 139 unlike many others options which have 20 x 102). You can plug the entire higher end with one already existing chassis.

Imagine twin 23mm and Mistrals on a VAB. Sadly Gaijin decided to spend more money on remodelling the turret into a worse version where they forgot the .50 cal. Could have spend less money just by adding guns with the MANPADS, you know like many other SPAAs get…


Didn’t know about any of these, thanks for the links!

Oh man that looks cool. I’m guessing they didn’t model the guns to keep it at a lower BR, but given how poorly the Mistrals currently behave I don’t think having these guns would make the VAB SANTAL OP.
Here’s hoping this vehicle gets added at some point, and that the Mistrals gets fixed as well.

There’s also the MPCV, basically a french type 93 with a 12.7 (less efficient than a 23 mm however) :

Suggestion has already been made on the old forum I think.

Truth be told, you could put so many SPAAs at br 9.0-10.0 for France, all based around mistral

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Seeing that 30G limit on the Mistral vs the 12 we have in game never cease to depress me.

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Yes, that is stupid :

  • France : shows the presence of a LWR on the Leclerc, with creator of the system as well as pictures of the installed system as sources. Gaijing says pictures are not enough
  • Sweden : shows the presence of the LWR on the strv 122 using the same exact creator of the system, but no pictures as a source. Gaijing says they just need pictures and this will be enough.
    Double standards at its finest

Not only pictures but also specifically for AZUR which is just an addon kit for S2. The demonstrator is listed with all the other operational Leclercs you can even verify it’s serial number on the front. Only for S2 wouldn’t be enough to have it on other Leclercs

Well whatever i guess… Lets see how this two reports bring us to…