Removal of chat timer

You called someone ‘spaz’, you’re debating this so much it’s clear you need to be acted upon because you literally are just being obnoxious.

That’s your opinion which is toxic. If you report me for calling you a spaz, you’re giving it to admin to cointoss suspending my account because your feelings were hurt. That makes you a coward. These are not toxic insults. They are matter of fact, defined behavior. You want a UI and control scheme that amplifies your ability to silence and punish other players for trying to communicate. It’s HILARIOUS. You want hot keys and functions added to the UI so you can control the chat box. That is a very clear definitive example of being a spaz.

I’ll refer you to section 3…

Of which you’ve broken like 4 of those clauses off the bat… Literally…

Where was that even asked for? We wanted the spam timer removed…

Just because you’ve mastered the ToS doesn’t mean you aren’t insufferable and ignored by many people. I’ve actually received DMs of support for trying to deal with you. You’re known as a contrarian and detrimental to conversation here. Someone voiced that during our very first exchange of comments.

I don’t care how many DMs you’ve got… I don’t care if people don’t like me or have issue with what I say…

It’s something that they need to fix themselves, as that’s an issue with them, and them alone.

You bringing it into another argument entirely is a literal strawman, and nothing to do with what was said.

You called someone an insulting term, you’ve brought up political wing nonsense, you’ve gone on the attack so much so that your angle has been pronounced so much that it’s a WEAK argument.

One of which you’ve been muted, and enacted upon, most likely for good reason, and you see that anyone else who has issue with it, needs to toughen up, even though what you’ve been doing is abuse, insulting, and directly being beligerant.

Maybe you don’t actually understand what the person ACTUALLY suggested…

They wanted a mute hotkey FOR THEMSELVES… Not a direct enactment of a gamewide action like you’re trying to exagerate it to be…

Like, go and read the suggestion again, and actually pay attention rather than trying so hard to find issue that you fly off the handle at anyone who contends the point.

Contrarian, or just not aligning with thier whinge, because that’s a common misconception that to actually participate in a thread, I have to ‘align’ with thier want…

Maybe they too are mistaken about the purposes of a forum.

You are blatantly lying now. I thought it was you making the suggestion but you’re just buddied up with the other guy that has the same views. Here’s his quote.

@Pentay Partial quotes and selective reading doesn’t do you any favours…

We HAVE a right click mute in game for radio, and we can right click and blacklist someone, in game, but it needs you to, as they say, open the scoreboard, find them, right click, hit blacklist/ignore…

And I ain’t lying, this guy even has me on ignore. You’re beyond reasoning.

I’m failing to see why you’re talking to me at all. You weren’t in the discussion and clearly don’t understand what I was suggesting. You’re the one exaggerating and accusing me of exaggerating. I think you took it personally that I called him a spaz, like you internalized the word when you read it.

Now you’re projecting…

Remember, when you do get muted, you only have yourself to blame… Don’t be getting all upset over someone did it and all that junk, YOU did it.

No, because I mentioned earlier about you calling people names and being abusive, and you’ve obviously not got the hint or the notion that you can use your words more rather than trying to be abusive for lack of contribution.

Hell, you even tried saying I was insulting you for pointing out anything different to what you mention.

And you are the one who said you were DMed by people supporting you… Ever wonder why they didn’t pipe up, because I know why… Because they’re too chicken and can’t hold their own… That guy that jumped in in the first place, has been talking trash all over the place, even though we’ve never interacted.

Again, when you do get acted on, you only have yourself to blame. You didn’t need to be abusive, and it didn’t add to your argument, namecalling isn’t part of engaging even though your rolemodel does this as thier only tactic because they are of the same ilk… All mouth, no sense.

I absolutely support the removal of the chat spam timer, and want more action taken on those who are genuinely misusing chat to fix the septic issues that we have remaining in chat.

Yes, I checked my notification message to get lectured by a random player about the TOS. Quality contribution to the forum. You must be a cop IRL?

don’t care

This is so much drama. I have no interest in reading this.

That’s all you had to say. Where was that 2 days ago

I think you need a big old cup of java…

Yeah believe it or not I’m not forum police. I’m not doing forensic tests on your post history. You really have no way to detect when someone is being facetious. You made your statement. You’re butting in now between myself and the dog for no reason other than some sense of self-righteous, volunteer forum police. He wants hotkeys for muting people in dynamic fashion which I found laughable. Thanks for reading and then wasting my whole afternoon.

For themselves…


No, dude. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed and called him a spaz. You’re the one that got confused and then confused me and then accused me of exaggerating which never happened except in your mind. The all caps was to try and get it through your thick skull.

Oh that’s totally fine then… /s

Get a life, dude.