Removal of chat timer

Can we please get rid of this ridiculous chat spam buffer, it has been nearly 2 years since its introduction and it has done nothing to improve the game it only hinders communication between players. if you are so worried about what people say introduce a system that automatically scams for grievous comments and chat ban them. This timer is nothing but a pain to play around and not needed, please get rid of it


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imagine not being able to have an actual conversation, braindead


If your “conversations” in chat is tripping the spam blocker, yeah… you might be.

You do understand people can type fast right? im not a 12 year old spamming slurs in chat. im trying to talk to people in the squad window and have to retype my messages serval times because gaijin wont allow me to quickly send messages


If anything we need a longer chat timer. 90% of the time I see anyone chatting constantly who would be seriously affected by the chat timer, it’s some guy who is yelling at everyone else on the team to do this do that, “ffs attack B come ON we’re LOSING!” blah blah blah. Because he’s an idiot who doesn’t realize that him not seeing enemy icons on B =/= B is open and easy to take. Usually this guy has like 1 assist and 1 kill tops.

I would just blacklist him, and often do later, but don’t have the time while actually fighting and contributing, unlike him. The chat limit at least makes the match somewhat tolerable in the meantime.

Indeed, removing the timer is long overdue. And in return would be nice to bring a blocking feature to this chat. I tried blocking Exocetta for the very spam in this thread and to my dismay that option is not available.


I just wish it didn’t delete your message when you sent it to fast.

It makes having a convo impossible, giving tips impossible, and helping your team very hard.


I agree with the wish that the timer should be removed, but an automated chat scan will not work: A lot of the offenses are depending on context, and an automated system can easily be circumvented by making the text difficult to read or understand by the machine, but the players still understand the meaning.


The chat is insufferable enough as it is, removing the timer would only multiply the endless stream of racism that already fills the chat box. No thanks

I doubt that a chat timer will prevent malicious remarks or spam, but I think the time should at least be reduced to about 5 seconds.

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This chat timer has been in the game for too long and it should have never been in the game. It doesn’t stop toxicity or abuse, it just stops good communication between teamates.

Did it made the game better? No.
Did it stopped anyone of making any comment about IRL events? No.

Gaijin made most of the playerbase pay for the behaviour of a few, it’s time to bring back the chat as it was, functional.


If the chat timer is there because of endless racism and abuse in the chat it seems the problem isn’t the timer but rather the moderation of the chat itself… for any teamwork purposes having the chat timer is a real problem and basically makes communication with your team useless

Chat should be removed entirely and a ping system akin to squad mark and drone mark added

Yeah it’s pretty annoying when i’m trying to give info to the team but if something else pops up or i made a mistake i’d be able to run down the stairs, drink water, run back upstairs and still be considered spamming

also if the main problem issue is anything to do with the war, than you’d also ban people putting certain decals on their tanks and you’ll also have to moderate usernames

Was a guy called “RussiaWillWin” with a few well known decals in yesterdays match and idk why but i have a weird hunch it’s related to a certain big event happening right now

I use chat maybe once every 100 games. Chat is not a tool find I useful at all, typically being filled with people just spamming nonsense and/or griefing others. Of course, I tend to play with friends and we’re actively speaking to each other throughout the match, so my experience is probably different from many others. But, tbh, Gaijin cold remove chat entirely from the game and I don’t think much would change at all.

They need the timer for the quick chat too, I’m sick of hearing people spam “Attack the D point!”

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I agree, I sometimes try and relay information but forget a detail or something and I generally dont take a lot of time to write out a complete thought as I am focused elswhere a good example is I might call out a vehicle location but forget to mention that the breach is out or I may spot 3 vehicles going into a cap, only to see another follow and I cant quickly update it to 4, etc.

I’m surprised to see everyone wish it longer. 99% of my games (literally) are crickets.