Regarding Gaijins comment on no need for 12.7

While yeah the top tier planes are about equal to each other that is not the issue, gaijin is missing the point.

It isn’t the top planes over performing rather the planes below them being squished harder and harder when they move out of the meta and if that meta that replaces it is in the same br range, that aircraft is dead.

Yet again they have missed the point of why we want more BRs, we want decompression not 3 vehicles moving to the new top BR, and to their issue of queue times I have a simple answer, smaller matches, air rb is bloated with too many players as is. Solution to that is the old 12v12 or an even better 8v8 (has to be a multiple of 4 due to squad sizes so sadly no 6v6)


Considering we still have Sabre’s and such fighting A-10s and Su-25s and that’s not even the worst of it, subsonics vs mach 2 jets, all aspect missiles vs subsonic jets without flares etc.


yeah, I feel like if they threw all unhinged forum members into a room they would come out with a more interesting mode than the decade old mess of a derelict system that is held into one piece by string

I was about to make the same topic.

We need BR increase to make e.g. 9.3 playable. There is a lot of obsolete Jets around this BR.

One of the thing I love about WT that there is so many planes to play and have fun with but more and more planes are not really playable (for fun).

Sabre, Mig 17 etc, vs A-10 or Su-25 is insane. The fact that F-104A/C is at 9.3 is ridiculous, on the other hand, without CMs it would be probably useless at higher BR.

Examples like that show that we need decompression and for that increased BR.


A month or two ago I made a spreadsheet of how I think BRs should be layed out 8.7 and above, I more so did it to see how screwed up the current ones are and damn is it bad, never posted it anywhere, I decompressed it to only 13.0 surprisingly

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Agreed. All 12.3s should move to 12.7 and all 12.0s should move to 12.3. This would radically improve the situation for 11.3s and maybe even free up 11.7/12.0 to decompress the current 11.3/11.7 bracket which is currently a cramped mess


12.7 isn’t even remotely enough, we can easily go BR 14-15 because it’s not just top tier that’s the issue.


oh fully agreed

I calculated this all out before the Su-27 was announced and I figure 15.3 is a good place for the BR system assuming early jet BR gets moved up to 7.3 instead of 7.0. 1945-korea jets need a special place in the matchmaker and so do the flareless missile-mobiles.

If you sift out jets between the early jet, korea, post-korea, vietnam, pulse doppler and current top tier eras you end up with 14.0 as an absolute minimum.


the way I did it was fully based on the weapons systems deciding the lowest BR a vehicle can be and I kept all aspects fully away from anything that has no flares

Agreed. New aircraft additions aren’t that much better than current top tier, but they just outperform already bullied 11.3 by even more than before. 12.7 should be the bare minimum.

There’s a similar situation in GRB. Mains of every country have said that “[new tank] is at best a sidegrade to [old top tank] and barely competitive!!1!!1! Why does Gaijin hate [country]???” but in reality each is overall a definite upgrade over existing tanks, albeit not without a minor downside or two. But every new 11.7 is just further making 10.7 and 11.0 unplayable in uptiers.

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It’s not just all-aspects. Anything with flares and good missiles is unfair vs anything with no flares.

The problem is that if you overshoot the hunter f.58 in the f4c, you’re just dead. If he gets that 9J off within about 1.4km you’re just going to eat it, and the higher you go the longer the L zone.

This is why we need a massive decompression so that only the highest-performance planes without flares face anything with decent missiles and flares. I’m talking the AV-8C being the same BR as the F-4C or higher.

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the F-4C is not as big a threat as you make it out to be but the hunter is 100% a problem in the BR range it exists in, also flare count and potency should 100% play into the BR a vehicle is put

I came to realisation, some time ago, that the fact the game is not perfectly balanced and a bit unfair is part of the charm.

It is “War” Thunder not “Fair” Thunder or “e-Sport” Thunder (lol).

War is not fair.

But it needs to be within reason to remain a charm.

I will settle for solution where more of the older jets are playable and competitive.
By older I’m thinking time when they were introduced into WT

At this time if Jet is >8.7 and has no CM, I avoid. I own Premium jets that are not worth touching at the moment which is a shame.

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the av8 is such a rat plane because if a single one gets in behind a F-4C team then that’s two phantoms down and the av8 is still alive. But if a F-4C or F-1 comes in behind two AV-8s it’s not a guarantee that the missiles will connect.

That illustrates why anything with flares and undodgeable rear-aspects needs to be at least as high as stuff like the F-4C and F-1. In a decompressed MM i was thinking that these vehicles would all congregate to 12.0-ish with planes like the mig-21MF sitting in 13.0 and then the pulse-doppler missile meta starting a bit higher.

I get that but this in the end is a game and it should be fun, if it is unfair then it is not fun, the most fun you can have is when you use the tools you have and not get destroyed by someone who is less skilled just because they have a way more capable tool (missiles, armour, muntions).

When the T-2 came out I used to bully them with the G.91, I was on the back foot but they had their aspects they were good at and back then the AA.20 was not a complete joke as it became a bit after that, now it is somewhat decent again, but the end result of the capability of those planes was nearly on par back then (mostly due to the smaller matches and maps and overall less capable planes), so they preformed quit well

Or just stop with the weird odd (literally) numbering and just go from 1 to 10 with 0.1 increments. This almost doubles the BR brackets.
But Gaijin loves it obscuration by complication…

that was the original plan, however well, they never bother to finish it, like many things they only add unfinished ideas

Gaijin wants to pretend queue times are an issue somehow even though the player base has multiplied several times over the years, queues are always almost instant and a large part of the community would be okay with longer queue times if it improves the quality of matches and reduces uptiers and such.


There is no problem with compression because you can skip all useless planes by using GE and Premiums.
Buy GE!!! Obey the Snail!!