Reducing dependency on targeting skill for certain modern vehicles

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  • With high fidelity turret drives
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Firstly, targeting skill does influence not only the targeting quality but more importantly, the speed at which the turret traverses horizontally and vertically. So yes, higher br vehicles do rely on targeting skill.

To specify, this is intended for vehicles that do not use hand cranked turret traverse.

So I have a suggestion to create a balanced mechanic to reduce the dependency of the targeting skill for certain types of vehicles.
Certain vehicles have the whole turret drive modeled, or a significant portion of it modeled.
Here are screenshots of every vehicle I know about









These turret drives are very easy to knock out, due to taking up far more space than a small box and thin ring.

Here are some end of the line mbts and their turret drives to compare.



Leopard 2 PSO


Type 10


Ariete AMV

Leclerc AZUR

Merkava Mk.4M

So to balance the vulnerability of these high detail turret drives, they should no longer rely on targeting skill, similar to how autoloaders do not rely on the reloading skill.

An alternative option, could also be that all vehicles after a certain br will have the ace turret traverse regardless of the skill if you disagree with my approach and want it for all vehicles.

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This ties in with the implementation of hunter-killer sights. I think it would make top tier tanks a lot more interesting. +1

This would be overall a nice quality of life addition.

so you are suggesting auto-aim?
arent there mods for that already?
people are obvs using them.

No, this is not auto aim.
This is a suggestion to have large high fidelity turret drives not rely on the crew skill, targeting.

Just think, when you are the gunner and use a joystick to aim. if you want the turret to traverse at maximum speed, the only thing you need to do is hold the joystick. Then why the aim skill will affect your aim speed?

The intention with crew skill affecting traverse speed isn’t that a less skilled crew member can’t push the control to move the turret as hard. Instead it is meant to simulate the idea that a less skilled crew member will simply take more time to get the gun on target.

We already have a low-skill crew using the “L” pattern to aim. And skilful crew using the “/” pattern.

exactly, its the skills of the guy moving the controls that counts, you have to place the cursor.
how else can you place the cursor without using the mouse/joystick?
same with the operator, his skill levels will affect HIS targeting, and that skill level is reflected in his training (experience) stats

hell we could have spock as a commander, eliminate any mistakes or miscalculations in decision making…

because an inexperienced operator would overshoot the target then have to back track to get back on target.
a joystick imparts zero precision

Firstly, none of this has to deal with how fast a turret can rotate, and second, there’s already a form of overshooting. It’s when the player himself overshoots a target when using a mouse.

Maybe the suggestion could be better implemented by keeping the targeting quality for qualifying vehicles, but the traverse speed has to go.
Or, another suggestion could be made to overhaul targeting quality to include overshooting if you really want that.

so autoaim is what you propose…

How is this auto-aim? Can you define by your own terms what you consider auto-aim?