Reduce the F-4C's BR

**hello and uh this is going to be a very short topic on the F-4C’s current BR
right now the F-4C’s is sitting at a 10.0 BR which it will face planes that has flares and much better missiles like MiG-21’s MF and SMT and F-5’s all being that the F-4C is a flareless type of plane and it’s air to air missiles is useless at this BR since it’s AIM-9E can only pull the same G’s as the AIM-9B and it’s AIM-7D can only putout 15G max which can be easily flared both IR and Radar missiles and the F-4C’s radar can be beaten up by chaff or notching or even diving near the ground to increase the ground clutter which aganist planes that are much better than it in every aspect is annoying and sometimes facing the all aspect missile carriers like A-10 and Su-25 is just hard to avoid

yes you can call this a skill issue on my part but this has nothing to do with skill issue because i tried every single way to avoid getting shot and it’s unlikely

so i request to lower the BR range on the F-4C at least paired with the F-104 A’s BR like 9.7 would make them playable**

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Uh, no? Once again, stop looking for downtiers and start looking for uptiers. This is exactly how we ended up with the stupidity that is the MiG-19, MiG-21, F-104 and F-100 at 9.3. Ask for everything else to go up instead.


No. It’s great at 10.0, and was even good at 10.3.
It’s superior to F-5C in many ways.


This is a more than stupid idea, do you want third generation jets facing first gen? This is utter stupidity. What we need is, like Ub3rshadow said, is to push everything else up

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we need decompression not lowered BRs, frankly we need BR20.0 and increased uptier and downtier ranges to compensate for the increased BR range, maybe up to +/- 1.5 br


Why you don’t ask MiG-21SMT/MF moving up to 10.7BR?


BR 15.0 with current aircraft and Match up would be enough

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I’ve mathematically proved it to 13.3, & hypothesized it could go to 14.0.
Haven’t found anything proving it can go further yet.

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I more so say 20.0 so there is more granularity and so planes that are stuck in a BR can be moved around a bit more and with an increased uptier downtier range it would be nice

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Hahahaha, no

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Well considering 8.3/9.3 can have +1.0
9.3/10.3 also have +1.0
Then 10.7/12.0 having +1.0

That however is no good.

It is not because you have objective difficulties in using an aircraft that you can ask for it to be lowered by BR.

Yes and it fails to be superior in any way that counts. That’s like saying the mirage IIIE is better than the F-5C, because it’s faster - you’re missing everything that handicaps the Mirage and everything that supports the F-5C’s case.

Fixing the game means uptiering the problem vehicles that are stomping; that means planes like F-5C, MiG-21MF/SMT, F-5E, A-5C all need to go up. And the planes that are stomping them need to go up as well. Once that’s done, the attack planes with missiles need to go up in BR, so that flareless planes don’t face all-aspects, or at least don’t face them very often.

Most of the flareless planes with good performance / missile systems need to receive flares. I don’t care if it’s ahistorical, it’s virtually impossible to balance the F-104J and french F-8E without giving them flares.

Once that’s done, you could have a balanced matchmaker with the F-4C at BR 10.7 contesting the MiG-19 at BR 10.3, the Harrier GR.3 at BR 10.7 and the Su-17M2 at BR 11.0. That’s a loosely hashed out system but it would be much more fun to play in than ‘oh we’re facing russia, let me bomb before I get nuked by an Su-25’.


No, we just need expand BR to 13.0 or higher & decompression.

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To separate 8.3 from 9.3 isn’t +1.0, that’s +0.3.

Literally Shut up and eat that 10.0, you’re better off than F104J and Chinese 104G

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The hell did you say about the GR.3? What is your reasoning behind giving it 10.7?

Also G.91YS :skull:


Bro if your gonna bait at least make it 25iq or funny