Real shatter 1.0.....2.0....3.0?

Hhm - my post you are referring to was written during the “Real Shatter 1.0” era.

With the introduction of “Real Shatter 2.0” the majority of players is happy with the damage output of cannons right now - but not MG 151 users. From my perspective they are right, it seems like that basically all other cannons have better ballistics and a higher “1 hit and kill” chance.

As i use the MG 151s just in one plane (SM 92) and avoid headon engagements in my fights due to the severe accuracy/precision disadvantage versus mouse aim users i am less affected - from my pov the rather mortar like ballistics of mine shells at ranges > 600- 800 meters is much more annoying.

In case i get behind at closer ranges they still do their job, maybe i benefit from the 2 center mounted MG 151 vs just 1 in a 109 and if i land a hit actually 2 mine shells hit their target, idk…

But in any case - Real Shatter 2.0 brought back the fun for all other 20mm cannons, so i appreciate that gaijin changed their view on things - compared to the the time when i wrote the post you are referring to.

Have a good one!

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The reason why 151´s feel objectively worse (and are to some extent) is that they nerfed the rpm, the HE-filler, drag and MV of the shells. Although i´m not sure if the drag has been fixed by now, what I can say is that the lead you have to give even on close range shots is insane and thus doesnt allow much time for adjustment.

Yeah, specially MG 151 is so sad. Dont see any problem on cannons at Yak-s or SU’s. They just rip everything in millisecond >:)

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After today’s update, it seems like we went back to our previous state of 20mm guns, where it has around 2 fragments, that deals a very poor damage.

Also MG151/20 HEI seems to behave significantly worse now against aircraft that uses wooden construction/ thinner surfaces, as it simply won’t detonate at all unless it hits a component in the wings. [Before it would still detonate in a few areas]


Yes it seems so, brings mg151 more inline with everything else… actually seems mg151 does the best damage now again within the 20mms but still shit ballistics. So basically back to where we were not so long ago.

Kind of annoying they constantly go all over the place. Not sure i like this again though…

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So now all cannons are awful again, not just the mg151?


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M39s feel like garbage again and on the levels of when RealShatter was a big issue.


tbh I think we need cannon damage back again, as well as making 151/20 shells more powerful. I’m talking about ARB, perhaps the current damage is fine in ASB?
Besides, I think maybe the new damage is just a bug

Another update on the issue: It seems like it’s indeed a bug and they are looking into it.


We shall see, last time took them freaking months…

Hopefully not, I opened a report on the issue just to make sure that it gets addressed.


Someone closed that bug report stating that it’s “not a bug”, and that it’s just a display issue with protection analysis despite you showing in game footage of 20MM Hispano’s doing absolutely nothing. Typical Gaijin…

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yea, there are like 5 videos showing the guns failing to do damage… but I guess that’s not enough lol


I will make another bugreport, perhaps this time specifying the guns and showing clips for each of them.
If anybody has clips of guns failing to do proper damage I would appreciate as well.

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Guns are fine

I’ll try get some more videos


Thanks! Appreciate the help.

indeed. Guns are very much not fine.

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Found another one

Hispano IIs do the same thing


Amazes me that people still dont understand this. Realshatter is simply a different way of calculating damage as compared to the old version. It is an algorithm, that combines many factors to produce the damage to the models. Gaijin completely controls all the variables that go into the algorithm. if the damage on huns is low, it is because that is the way they want it. if the guns are nukes, then that is the way they have made it. They have complete control. They often change it, most likely trying to find a good balance. Different people want differing damage levels, and what you see in game is often effected by ping, the materials of the plane, and also the way the damage model of the other plane is made. Blaming realshatter proves that people have no idea how any of this works. What you should be discussing, and giving feedback on, is weather you like the amount of damage done or not, and how you would like to see it changed.