20mm do fuck all now

I played alot of A7M2, using traser rounds for the 20mm cannon and it used to shred the enemy, maybe it was a little too good. Now they do absolutely nothing against the enemy. I am curios if other players have experienced similar changes to their 20mm cannons?

I asume gaijin did something to make 20mm trasers useless now…

No - it’s just you.

very constructive

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From what I saw, Tracer belts are about the worst belt choice you could make for that plane . . try switching to Universal and see how it goes . . . .

yeah i am trying out “ground target now” Universal has some traser rounds, i am not touching that again. Such as shame used to be so good a couple updates ago

A few rounds in a belt is a lot less that an entire belt made up of 4mm pen rounds when the others have 29mm pen . . . go with the math . . . lol. I also prefer belts that have rounds with “I” in them, for incendiary . . starting fires helps your cause a great deal of the time too . . . but experimenting until you find what works for you is still the best way . . . until they change something on ya . . .lol, then you have to do it all over again . . . . har har

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Real shatter was added a while back now it basically makes cannons act like they do in ground but against planes so instead of a sphere of damage it models the impact a la volumetric.

Imagine how inconsistent that is against a target moving as fast as planes do.

I have no idea why Gaijin would try to model this but since they did cannons stopped being cannons they’re mere suggestions of damage.

I my stupid mind, i thought that only affected calibers larger than 20mm. Damn.

I use the same weapon in my B7A2 - and as we have now a kind of real shatter 3.0 - reverting some of the positive effects of real shatter 2.0 i can confirm that cannon damage feels more inconsistent right now.

Before real shatter 1.0 the 20mm Mk 2 was ok, real shatter 2.0 made all (excepts MG 151s) 20 mms way too strong and now we have less damage output again…

But despite i lost some 1 vs 2s due to real shatter 3.0 it feels more balanced now regarding the gameplay as the fact that basically 1 or 2 hits were to enough to cause an enemy to explode was a little bit too much for my taste.

In any case, i am still happy with the Type 99 Mod 2 - but tracer rounds were actually the worst choice you could have made. After several thousand matches with this weapon - nothing better than universal…

This thread deals with the same issue and links to a bug report:


Thanks - I try to be as close to the usefulness of the OP as possible.

Experiencing the same.

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Don’t use tracer then use universal. From my experience there still more deadly compared to other rounds however R.S V3 did effect them negatively. However, a skilled pilot can still make use of his plane’s limitations. Does not mean its a bad plane or armaments.

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From datamine:

Type 99-1 cannons: Both HEFI and HEF-T have “onHitChanceMultFire”: 5.0.

For the Type 99-2 it’s 2.7 for FI and 1.5 for HEF-T, despite the 99-1 and 99-2 using identical shells.

For the 99-2 the API is implemented as API while for the 99-1 the same shell is classed as APHE with Detonite filling, except they should be again identical.

In general it’s best to use a 1:1 or 2:1 mix of HEFI with AP or API for 20mm cannons.
Which often isn’t possible because the in-game ammo belts often don’t make any sense.

The HEFI should be the best shell because it has both explosve and incendiary filling.
While Gaijin thinks it’s the worst shell, so they only put it into the default belt and instead make you use HEF or HEF-T, since when they created the game they just looked at the explosive numbers and thought: Big number means better shell.

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