Real shatter 1.0.....2.0....3.0?

If a/c cannon did “realistic” damage then it would probably need to be matched with “realistic” ability to actually hit targets…

The game at the moment makes hitting vastly easier than IRL - so damage is reduced to keep the game more-or-less playable.

If you were following this thread from the very beginning you’d notice that it’s name was changed multiple times and at the moment “RealShatter” is only being used as a term to associate with the low damage of the guns, no more than that. Since this mechanic started giving players headaches from the very first day it was introduced due to it’s countless bugs.
I assume that most ppl here are aware of how it works already.

However they claimed to not have tweaked damage, and the guns started acting up again… the exact same way from back when they were bugged, we are simply reporting that.


I have been following the thread since the start, and commented early on in it. Realshatter is a buzzword people are using, like how netcode is used.It does not mean what people think it means and because it has been used so much it is now meaningless, and most people here are not aware of how it works, and thats why they complain so much about it. Out of interest, when did they explicitly state that they did not change damage?

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Yea, I agree. Many ppl end up confusing it and thinking that the whole mechanic is the actual issue.

In my bugreport that was closed earlier today, line 271 I think.


I do have to agree that aircraft cannon damage seems to be wildly inconsistent or weaker right now.


Shvaks, or B20, whatever you wanna call it

Just sponging it all


I think the issue is more that players think that the game should be Counter-Strike and when you hit a plane your guns deal X damage until it falls out of the sky but that’s not how the game works (well it kinda does since you can’t get away with without damage indicator of modules).

WT is a flight Sim with arcade like game modes. Guns damage components and if module that you need to fly get destroyed, you’re plane goes down. Otherwise it will just affect the flight performance to the degree of the damage inflicted.

One issue with WT is that it’s never the case that nothing works but instead it’s always some part of the game. One time it’s Hispanos or ShVAKs dealing little damage while MG 151/20 easily destroy planes, the other time the tables are reversed.
So a lot of times it’s just players demanding the same treatment for their guns.


You started off correct then went wrong.
The fact players like @Felynia clai8m that RealShatter nuking aircraft causes headaches is funny.
“RealShatter bad! It nukes my aircraft! Old system when things did less damage is better!”

When did I say that less damage is better? wtf

Sorry if I was incorrect.
The way you worded it makes it seem like you did.

There were three realShatter phases.

First when it was introduced and bugged for months, leaving HE rounds basically useless.
Second when they buffed the number of fragments due to the low damage of guns with realShatter.
Third was when they fixed the bug that caused the issue with fragments not causing damage, thus realShatter was now working as intended, except that guns now produced way too much fragments, turning 20mm guns into 30mm cannons.

Now we’re at the point where they removed the numbers of fragments from the second phase, and now guns with realShatter have the performance they intended to have from the start.
The current damage is around the same as before realShatter was implemented, meaning that your 20mm guns won’t constantly cutting 4 engined bombers in half.


Np it’s all good.
I actually think that the damage we had from the last patch was good (all cannons were great).


That part is wrong, the “countportion” remained the same - which was the value that they changed in the files when they buffed the number of fragments.
It’s pretty much back to phase 2, where sometimes the fragments will do damage but it’s completely rng.

They were significantly better than what we have today and surely weaker than what we had last patch.
About bombers, it’s about time that they improve their DM lol.

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Clearly this is fun and not frustrating at all.


Which isn’t RealShatter, looks like there’s a glitch in the code.

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Peak enjoyment… nothing wrong with the guns! Same experience using ANM3s


That’s pretty funny.
Classic gaijin [NOT A BUG] gaslighting where they pretend nothing has changed.

You’re not Gaijin, and ammo is currently bugged.
Gaijin says ammo’s bugged and we know it is.

One aspect that we know isn’t bugged is fragmentation, so that narrows it down.

You are very uninformed as usual.
They have stated it is not a bug.

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No, they never claimed this wasn’t a bug.
They explicitly stated it was & is a bug.