Radar detection issue

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Just as I have observe, when flying MiG 29 or f16 radar system could not detect any incoming missile especially from Pantsir. Most of the time early tracking system does not shows that someone is tracking you but sometimes it does. Any issues with this? have you experience also experiencing this issue? Thanks.

Not an issue, pantsir radar is too high band for those planes to be able to detect it


A great why to kinda spoof it is to fire off dumb rockets in front of you which will cause it to switch lock

I see so why still they put this pantsir to 11.7? Mig 29 is 12.0. It doesn’t seems make any sense. for 20KM max range while just spawn to the battlefield you are already being tracked down and less than 15km you are dead without knowing where it came from. Also it does not
have any smoke trail to see the incoming missile.

If you are referencing the RWR, or radar warning system, as well as the missile launch warning (CW warning), you need to make sure of a couple things…

1 - The enemy vehicle has a tracking radar thats frequency is detectable by your RWR. This can be known by the radar band.

2 - The enemy SPAA is not using IR search and track, which will give no warning apart from CW alerts.

If that would be the case that it can’t be detected by warning system they should have nerf the range of it if you just spawn a CAS, where you spawn its more or less 13km from enemy range and the range of the PANTSIR is 20km max and in less than 15km he can shoot you down even while you are still trying to climb higher alt breaking left or right to avoid it. But the range is so freaking OP

Only nato helicopters have an rwr than covers every band in game atleast.

List of receivers and bands they can see:

List of airborne radars and bands they use:

the SPAA radar section does not yet have a list of radars and bands.

Because you want that SPAA can’t kill you at all? So you can just drop bombs from above them where they can’t counter you?

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It’s kinda ridiculous that only one nation gets an SPAA as good as the pantsir.

A 70SP vehicle shouldn’t hard counter a 800SP jet by just existing, in my opinion.


If you fly straight thats on you. Pantsir can’t counter you if you’re maneuvering at mach 1+

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Ive seen pantsir kill manoeuvring targets at speed/altitude plenty of times. Then there is the fact that they can easily shoot down any guided ordnance you send towards them/the battlefield.

The thing I dislike the most, is how I can see a uav drone bobbing up and down 20km away, but I can’t see a SAM flying towards me at Mach 3

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Say what you say, their maneuvering was trash. You are solely responsible for your own maneuvering, it isn’t hard at all if you are going fast.

Because UAVs are huge

(and if you were talking about the smaller ones, it is indeed non sense. You shouldn’t be able to see them and you shouldn’t be able to see the missile)

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I was talking about the scout UAV drones light tanks get.

You can see SAMs even after the main motor has stopped burning in DCS, because their size and speed creates a visible disturbance through the air. In war thunder they don’t bother rendering until they are close enough that you can already hear them. How we can hear supersonic missiles before they reach us is another thing I’ve never understood.

Most of the sams in dcs are way larger, dcs also sometimes has larger visible pixelsize in normative fov than what should be, atleast on lower resolutions where you may see something that you shouldn’t.
War thunder has same type of trash with the smaller uavs
No you probably wouldn’t see much of a sam unless if you were 0.1 sec away from dying to it.

Yea this claim is already disproved.

We already did test by using Pantsir against Fast flying jets, if you dont actively maneuver while in distance Pantsir can kill you relatively easy.

The reason why people claim its easy to avoid due low skill Pantsir players, most of them are using Auto mode which basically screws you over 6km and actually gives enemy plane easy time to dodge.

İf Pantsir player knows what his doing you cant get close to him, you might use your Mavericks and GBU’s from distance ( if you can spot Pantsir without dying first)but Pantsir player can destroy them with little effort.

Overall Pantsir was a huge mistake and Gaijin should’ve added TOR platform first.

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There are counters to the Pantsir, just grab a mbt and kill it bro.

and 800sp jet should not be imprevious to anything except any other jet oh wait it is as it has 9ms and can just shoot invisible missiles at them lmao

Well its not Usa faults that they made sidewinder with smokeless engine, just like how Russia made R-73,R27ER.

except the 9m has low smoke engine not smokeless engine