R2Y2, F9Fs, La-15 and vampire needs lower BR

They will be having same BR with F-86 sabre and mig-15s, But their capabilities is inferior compared to sabres and migs in every ways. Sabres and migs are faster, can turn better, loses less energy and more etc. They can’t have same BR with migs and sabres.


Also :

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No, they do not need lower BRs. Gaijin just needs to stop decompressing near-top-tier areas by pushing vehicles down and instead expand the top BR.


If this trend continues we will see the 6.3 F-80 in 2 years.

Yeah, We need decompressing Battle-Rating but gaijin don’t even think about that. so… buffing inferior jets compared to F-86 seems our only option now :/

Red herring - I think Harrier GR.7 will constantly get killed by JAS39C which will get AIM-120 missile at the May update. till yearly decompression in Jan 2025.
cause of the same reason.

The R2Y2 and Vampires deserve lower BRs for sure. The vampire is crap even compared to current 8.0s and 7.7s, the only reason it went up is because people can’t help but to turnfight everything they see. And the R2Y2 used to be OP with the airspawn but now would be fine at 7.7, probably even 7.3 for the V1. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone fly one.

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And so as the F9F
It has same TWR with F2h on 7.3, and it’s capabilities are similar to ouragan and F2H
It’s turn and energy preserving aren’t good compared to others like meteor, La-15
F9Fs and R2Y2 at 7.7 problem solved

100% agree with this.

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