R-73s for the MLD and 141?

I just had this thought that the MiG-23MLD could receive up to 2 R-73s in its center pylon and have its BR raised to 11.7(Edit: 12.0), while the Yak gets up to 4 and gets raised to 12.3. I do not play Russia so I am just interested in why is the Yak so unpopular in ARB, I hardly see one even when I teamed up with a friend in a flanker. Guess it also makes the MLD superior to the ML not only in FM but in arsenal as well.



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I dont think we’ll ever see them on the MLD, but IIRC the devs did state the 141 may receive them at some point

MLD would need to be 12.0 to receive R-73s for it to be anywhere near fair. It’s also just really unrealistic.

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Id say Mig23 even with just two R-73s at 11.7 would be cracked.

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Fair too, the kurnass 2000 does fine in 11.3, cant see why a MiG-23 with better missiles cant in 12.0, R-73s are very good but the worse Soviet jets who needs them more dont get them I guess

K2K is a F-4E. The MLD is a MLD so yeah I agree, however its very unrealistic for the MiG-23MLD in WT to have R-73s so not really warranted. The Jet also does very well as is at 11.3

I know its good, but I almost never saw one in the game, there are a lot of ML players but I literally see that Italian pencil more often than the MLD(this view is biased however). So I just wanted to see how does Soviet/Russia mains think about this.

OK but that is not the reason you do not see them in game. You rarely see ANY tech tree planes at 10.0-11.7

β€œNeed” is a very strong word for the R-73 going to the MLD. The MLD defninitely doesnt β€œneed” R-73s. It does just fine with R24s and R60Ms.
Did you use an MLD and have your R60s flares or something?

No, I just felt that the MLD should be different from the ML, besides the fact that its FM is indeed superior.

It is different, it has the better flight model. Gaijin knew what they where doing when they added the ML pack. Its a 99% C&P just like a bunch of other premium jets.

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What jets would that be?

Wasnt MLD foldered?

Yes, below the M. That is why I felt it should get some attention, it was the best jet for a while. Although I havent played Russian jets so that is why I am interested for MLD players and their opinions.

Well lot of people dont research foldered vehicles nowadays on their way to top tier.

Beisde that, MLA is, as far as i know, just MLD without slats, and its pretty solid plane.

Thats coming from someone who plays air rb rarely.

R-60s suck but thats unsurprising. R-73s would be an absolute overkill when facing 10.3-10.7 planes.

Radar missiles are pretty good nowadays.

Not a fan of Ts but they have their use.

It’s MLD without the wing redesign, it isn’t slat related.

And the most notable thing that wing redesign added were leading-edge slats, no?

No, the upgrade comes from the dogtooth cut outs.


I could definitely see the the 141 getting the R-73, but the MLD is in a very good place right now, so I would recommend adding another 23 variant to that folder, specifically the MiG-23-98, which was basically a MiG-23 variant with all the bells and whistles, Ground attack capabilities, R-27R/T(which are overall better missiles compared to the R-24s despite range limitations), and a revamped cockpit.

(Edit) the MiG-23-98 has MFDs, and the L-150 (same RWR on the SMT), though there are many different cockpit versions. Some with 2, some with only 1 MFD.

(Edit 2) New radar AND up to 4 R-77. so it’s BR should be 12.3 (the first R-77s only had a range of around 50km which is like 70% of the range of the R-27ER. so it would realistically not deserve the BR of 12.7 or higher.

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The 23MLD had auto-flaps not slats. Just to be semantic. :)