Quite the game after one death

When are you going to remove the fact of leaving the game after a death? seriously we are wasting our time and our pleasure in playing… 4/4 game playing only 4-5 game players after one death and we lost 4 games in 4! when are you going to talk about it and do something serious gaijin

What would you like them to do about it?

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Premium vehicles are not sold in lineups. Gaijin knows and understands this fact and views ODL as an acceptable part of the game in order to allow skipping to later tiers for people willing to shell out cash.

That being said the recent economy changes and the implementation of dynamic repair costs has most certainly removed any encouragement to leave after dying should you have a lineup.

Gaijin to resolve ODL will have to start selling high tier vehicles in bundles offering a full lineup. That or allow players to take them out twice although this won’t fully resolve the issue compared to the previous option.

For regular players the only reason to ODL is they are grinding a new tank and want to focus research gain on it for its modules or there simply is not a complete lineup at its BR range. The only other reason would be there not being full lineups at the BR range which is the reality of multiple minor nations. Gaijin has recently been locking critical vehicle types behind FOMO events (QN506) / premium paywall (VBCI-2 (MCT30)). This behavior needs to stop immediately or the game will suffer long term.

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it could easily block players who only have one car in play from not being able to leave the game after a certain time! I would be encouraged to continue playing because he will have to wait before being able to quit the game

Don’t we have enough threads about this already?!?

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with all respect you can certainly do better to help players like me who are exhausted from losing games and time because of this type of player. you can force players to stay in the game for a certain amount of time after the first death

Ok, so can you do some critical thinking. Have a think about your idea, and try and come up with some arguments against it, or reasons it wouldnt work/ cause more problems.

People will keep making them until they get bored or the next update comes, might as well get the “discussion” over with.

Listen, the forum was created to give our opinions and ideas! so if you have nothing constructive to answer on my post I will allow you to move on to the next one. I’m at the end of losing games because of its players who leave after a death and it’s my right to come complain here and send a ticket to gaijin! If you have a problem with what I’m answering then go and file a complaint! Have a good day

1 death leavers don’t make you lose games. The ratio of level 100s in the teams does.
There is already the mechanic of “crew lock” in the game that seems to get applied quite liberally. I’ve actually gotten locked from really bad GRB games where I went 2 and out getting zapped coming out of the spawn.
No you can’t force people to play a game or ban them because they aren’t playing the way you want them to. Don’t be silly.

because they don’t have the time, patience, or money to purchase more crew, fill up the obscene amounts of crew skill bars, pay to put vehicles into service for the new crew, pay even more for Expert/Ace status on the vehicle, and then purchase backups for them. This is an arcade game. Get rid of these useless gimmicks. You should be able to spawn an infinite number of times until the end of the match

One of the fastest ways to end a match is to kill all of the enemy team’s vehicles.

Spawn points is a great mechanic that lets you spawn the more you’re actively engaged in the battle.

Crew skills aren’t a reasoning for ODL at least not one from anyone I’ve ever played the game with or seen talking about ODL.

I would say the basic slots should be increased to six to allow 2 MBTs / IFV / TD / SPAA / AIR but not every nation even has the vehicles to allow that.

90% of ODL is someone is researching modules on a new vehicle and is ODL’ing with it to grind it faster, that or they’re a premium user.

The other ~10% is someone quitting in frustration / they have to do something IRL / they disconnected.

You could argue that research for modules should be evenly split across your tanks instead of only when you’re playing that tank thus allowing you to research more efficiently and more quickly. You could even make the argument that it would help improve stock HEAT-FS grind since you could just bring the tank alongside other vehicles that have modules already. I don’t think Gaijin would ever go for this as paying to skip stock grind is lucrative for them.

If you cant even do some thinking and come with some potential counter arguments to your own, then you are just screaming into the void. this is not constructive for anyone

I’ve done worse bro I no-death leaves the maps I hate especially snow maps that hurt my eyes. Since I got 5 nations to play so I can no-death leave 4 times in a row and still get to play! whether you like it or not, there is nothing you can do about it bro!

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Oh it does, do you have matches were half of your team quit because they have only one tank and is not even premium one. Imagine 10 battles lost because of this very nice to play. Must players think WT is like WoT one battle and done next battle. The tutorial only teach them basics not the gameplay battle that require multiple tanks.

…and in another thread players want to get crew lock removed - which originally was introduced to prevent players to leave a patch prematurely…

Can we remove crew lock already - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum

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That isn’t true because there is a confirmation box you have to click that tells the player they still have points and vehicles they can play.
They are making a intentional decision to leave because they have decided its not in their interests to keep going.
Also I think you are only noticing when you lose, not all the games you lost just because the shoe was on the other foot and the other team happened to have a higher number of quitters.

You are right about points to respawn verhicles but if you can don’t have extra verhicle or backup verhicle pass then is difficult to keep playing. I don’t think you will spawn rank 1 verhicle in rank 3 battle mayby for the fun.

A lot of players are leaving battles because of the Matchfixing / matchmaking system, where we have to fight against downtired enemies… where some favoured players are allowed to make a lot of easy kills on our expense. Secondly they have the highest kill-rate for the same reason.

Just a small ask/suggestion would it be possible to edit the matchmaker to pair players who have a history of repeatedly leaving after one death together? I wouldn’t want it to be a permanent change for them, more of a deterrent and a way to pair people who simply want to play a single premium together.