Quite the game after one death

Would that be fair - if the player join up for a BR 5.0 battle and have to fight BR 6.0 enemies. Do you understand the differences between BR +1 level tanks etc. and the advantages the opponents have on the battlefield. If the battles was announced as (example) max BR 6.0, then the players could align the line-up accordingly … and we would all get a fair-fight … and therefore avoiding players leaving the battle.

Wtf has that got to do with people deliberately leaving after 1 death game after game, premium players are known for this because it doesn’t affect them, they die leave then joint straight into the next game. Other players have to essentially die needless because half of the team have left just to avoid getting crew locked.

Well try to ask those players who leaves battles after loosing the first vehicle ? From what I have learned from them, they are checking which BR levels they have to fight against (after the first vehicle lost)… and if a lot of the RED team are downtired vehicles with a BR level +1 (example BR 7.0 against BR 8.0), then they leave.

If the battles was announced as (example) max BR 6.0, then the players could align the line-up accordingly … and we would all get a fair-fight … and therefore avoiding players leaving the battle.

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Dude it is not black magick to guess what BR are you playing against since spawn points at the start of the game tells you what BR are you fighting.
I’m premium player cuz I want the top stuff and not rly feel like playing couple of years just to get to that point, even with full lineup I sometimes 1DL or even 0DL.
Why should I stay in the battle when I get the map that I hate but cant ban it since there is only 1 ban, or it is typical all vs ussr game when T-80BVMs hold W ram into your team get 1/2 kills than comes KA50s and 3min into the battle you cant even move up without looking 360 everytime you move cuz mb there is one near your spawn.
Even 16v16 furball meta ARB is more fun and uptiers are not that bad cuz you can see from far away who is coming and who you can or cant take on.

Please explain me what the difference is leaving the battle at the spawn point … or after the first lost vehicle ?

Depends mb you got a kill mb not, still no point in suffering

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Something like having green bushes on all your tanks then getting Cologne or Advance to Rhine can lead to leaving early as the camo works against you.I do see occasionally were players spawn in Normandy in winter camo and leave very quickly.Also a player can set up a certain line for Battle challenge and find the map is totally unsuited for that chosen line up.

People can get sick up the uptier and leave as well or maybe they just had the same map 3 times already as is common now.Looking at the line up of your teammates and seeing you are one of the few uptiers can lead to bailing early.So many reasons related to the game itself not the player.

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I quit sometimes as well after one tank … when 15min has passed, I’m satisfied with my performance and I’m facing 15 enemies while my team consists of only 3 players.

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As long as Gaijin keeps selling higher tier premiums to new players, this will be a problem (and man it’s bad after a sale) people will leave

As long as the maps are unbalanced and/or bad (an example: The Ardenners winter where the south west spawn is out in the open and you can get pawn camped from the other side) people will leave

As long as the BR system is as it is and people are getting fed up getting uptiered for the gazillionth time, people will leave.

Fix the game, and less people (not all) will start to stay for longer.

DON’T effing blame the players, when they are doing it because of how the game works, blame the game.


I’m just wondering… how can the premium vehicles - (the first 10-20 battles) make a lot of easy kills. What ever I’m aiming at … I kill. Is there a factor (aiming or some kind of hit accuracy) in the game. ?

my premiums don’t react that way, so either you are better than me or more lucky :)

I think it’s pure coincidence tbh.

I have recorded videos of the first five Object-120 battles - where I made 9, 10, 12, 9 and15 kills. What ever I was shooting at - was hit and killed in the first shot. … and I was wondering, why it was that easy… After 15-20 battles it all changed into “normal” … and today I don’t even bother using it.

New toys are fun

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I honestly don’t think Gaijin would do that.

And i can be harsh in my critic of them, so i’m not trying to protech them

No one is required to do anything during a match. If you want to shoot randomly in the air in spawn for five minutes, spawn with no ammo in your tank, or do any other thing which might range from sub-optimal all the way to deliberate sabotage of your team’s chances of winning, you are free to do that as long as you aren’t harassing any one particular person or stalling the game from some excessively passive strategy.

If all of that is OK, which I think it is, then I think it’s also OK that your teammates are not required to help you win. When I see massive lemming trains, terrible plays that tease the border between mistake and feeding/griefing, or generally unpleasant people are on my team I don’t want to play with, I’m gonna leave. I have plenty of SL and lineups, so even if you tripled repair fees, crew lock time, and nerfed RP/SL gains for losses, I’m still not gonna play. Everyone has their own definition of fun and their own objectives, they have absolutely no commitment to you or anything you value. We’re not friends, we’re not even teammates through explicit consent, so until the rules change, I can’t morally justify hating on people who ODL anymore. There’s no wrong way to play Warthunder, up to and including not playing at all.


dude… no.

The times i leave after one death are because i check Tab and then 40-70% of my team is gone. or… doing nothing (500 points or less). Im not going to Spawn in AGAIN, just to get 5 v 1ed , again.

I also die a lot less than most people (people are usually on 4 or 5 deaths, when i am on 0-2)

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I don’t want to participate in battles where I join up on BR 7.0 - and then have to battle against BR 8.0 enemies. WHY should we give them advantages for making a lot of easy kills. They are always on top of the battle kill-ratio and with better cannons, ammunitions, armour, laser-distace- aiming etc. they can easily kill us - even on long distance.

Most tanks on BR 7.0 have cannons on 80-88 mm… and with ammunition which can penetrate (max 300 mm) … On BR 8.0 most tanks have a 105 mm… some even 128 and 152 mm… and with a ammunition penetration on 400 mm Armour. This is not match making … but simple MATCH FIXING.

The solution is quite simple. IF Gaijin changed the match making system into a MAX BR level system, then we can make a line-up accordingly to the MAX BR. If someone want’s to fight against at higher level of BR, then can just make a line-up with lower BR level. Gaijin can eventually make a slack of 0,3 BR and then we are all happy fighting again.

This is the message we get when starting a battle … This battle is non BR 8.0… but when the battle starts, we have to battle against BR 9.0 enemies. This is faking the players into a battle where they expect to fight against BR 8.0.

In the real world this would be the same as if you join a Formula-2 Car Racing… and then … when the racings starts … .you have to race against Formula-1 cars… and then of course you will lose big time.


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Somebody on the old forum suggested a two division system so World War Two and early Cold War tanks were separated from the newer stuff. More meta based rather than by era.
If you think about it top tier has no enemies from above to worry about. A level 6 or 7 BR cut off would give Cold War players the same protection.
Just spilt the game in two.
I am presuming there must have been a point where 7 or 8 BR was top tier anyway.

The game is in dire need of revitalization so a two division system might be a good starting point. It might also help with night battles where some vehicles have night vison and some don’t.
It might also help players who have no interest in WW2 era tanks to have a more modern starting point if Warthunder allowed players to jump in at 7BR instead of 1. The extreme costs of higher tier would give Gaijin the lost revenue of not starting at BR1

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