Quiet T95 BR change?

The T95 is now at 7.3 BR in arcade and i cant find the changelog for this? Why do they feel the need to keep increasing its BR. Was not the whole point of the recent BR overhaul to make the divide between WWII vehicles and post war vehicles with advanced munitions larger so WWII heavies could actually do their job? Whats the point if they are just gonna raise WWII vehicles BR’s anyways so we end up right where we started???

I had a look at the wiki page revision history, and it has been 7.3 since at least december 2020.

Wayback machine shows it at 7.0 in arcade as recently as June 24

It got changed on the October 2023 BR Changes:

Here’s the forum thread about it:

Thanks, at the least it wasnt a quiet change

Not this one, but even these planned BR changes get updated so it’s better to always check them when they go live.

These were the original planned October 2023 BR Changes:

They added a few more BR changes to the final version.

Bugger - so much for my wiki-fu!

Tho I understand the frustration that players have with perceivingly unfair BR changes for some vehicles, the reasoning and the logic behind this is always the same: They do well in the battle
And I do agree some of these changes make little sense, Gaijin has the stats and the charts and the math and all you have is your opinion. So yeah… it sucks but it is what it is.

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