Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

Welcome to our Battle Rating change proposals for the month of October.

We’ve got several Battle Rating increases and decreases for aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and naval vehicles — check them out and let us know what you think.

A summary of some key changes: Several mid-tier WWII vehicles will also have their Battle Ratings increased. Several attack helicopters will have their Battle Ratings increased, specifically ones that are able to carry long-range air-to-ground missiles. This is to help ensure that they do not face vehicles that have no counter to them in battles. Multiple lower-tiered aircraft are also seeing decreases. Some destroyers, cruisers and battleships are also increasing in Battle Rating!

Below are some additional non-Battle Rating related changes that we’re also planning to make. Do be sure to let us know your thoughts on these too.

  • ZTZ59D1 — the thermal imager will be changed to regular night vision. The gun stabilizer will be changed from two-plane to single-plane.
  • SU-5-1 — the Shrapnel and HE shell will be removed.
  • T-28 (1938) — the Shrapnel shell will be removed.
  • T-26-4 — the Shrapnel shell will be removed.
  • Char 25t — first-stage ammo reload time will be changed from 6.7 seconds to 4.0 seconds.
  • AMX-50 (TO90/930) — first-stage ammo reload time will be changed from 6.7 seconds to 4.0 seconds.

We read all of your feedback regarding Battle Ratings — if you’d like to make some additional suggestions, or want to let us know how we did in regards to the presented Battle Ratings above, then do be sure to let us know.

If you’ve seen another player leave a suggestion or express their like or dislike about some of the proposed Battle Ratings, feel free to upvote their comment so that we can see what is the most preferred.

The War Thunder Team


No SB changes? Several aircraft still have wildly random BRs

Also I get why a lot of the Helis have gone up a step, but why no change for the Ka-50? The most brokenly OP heli in game? If the G-lynx, Rooivalk and the Ah1 Apache (Britain) need to move up 1 stop each, then the KA-50 needs to move up at least 1 stop, maybe even 2



Type 87RCV
give it the dev server stabiliser back since it will 9.0 now

Shouldnt be lower with what it has

Tiger 2H
If alot of the 6.3 mediums and heavies are moving to 6.7 then why doesnt the tiger 2H need to move

At the same time a general increase to either 12.0 or 12.3 for ground would be a great step in the right direction


i am so playing the char 25 and amx 50


Tiger BR increased, as it should. This thing can perform even at 7.0, sams about the Panthers. 5.3 was too low.

Also VIDAR finally got raised, although in my opinion it should be 8.3.


Sorry guys. I was exploring the possibility of learning heli’s this weekend. So it’s my fault they went up in BR. 😅


I’m glad that the A6E is moving up, but I would suggest a more thorough overhaul of the 8.3-10.3 br range.

Currently there are multiple 9.3 jets like the Mig-19s, early Mig-21s, F-104As and the Lightning F.6, that exhibit outstanding flight performance with limited weaponry but lack flares. As a result they completely dominate in a downtier against low accelerating subsonics while suffering against the prevalence of high performance missiles in an uptier.
Therefore I’d suggest:

uptier high performance 9.3 jets such as the F-104s, Mig19s, Mig-21s and Lightning by 0.3
uptier the remaining 10.0 jets that carry all aspect missiles such as A10 and Su25 by 0.3

This change would help slow early jets (such as the Venom, Swifts, F9Fs, early Sabres…) aswell as jets in the 9.0-10-0 range that are currently struggling (such as the Cl-13s, G.91Ys, F100s, J32, Hunters…).


The BR should be decompressed.
10.0 will now encounter R73, Gaijin, what are you doing. Now the game has become more crowded.Raise the aircraft to at least 13.0 instead of continuing to compress them!
Now AMX32 105 and AMX32 120 are still placed together.Why don’t you let T72AV go to 10.3 now and have him stay with T90?


I don’t see any very absurd changes, but I’m still waiting for them to raise the Br to the Magach 5 and to give the M111 to the premium Magach 3 and put it in that same Br.


Now just waiting for AMX M4, ARL 44 and Foch’s reload to be fixed ;)


I completely agree, 8.7 planes should not face all-aspect AAMs.


Id disagree on the Lightning for now, but Red Tops are (fingers crossed) getting a total overhaul that will improve their performance considerably, at that point, then i’d have no objection to the Lightning going up. At the moment the Red Tops are underperforming considerably and the Lightning is actually a relatively minor threat in my opinion.


Why the Z-9WA is nerfing again, clearly it’s not worth at 10.7 with only HJ-8H, how about you give it akd-9 loadout.


Vidar 8.3 at least,

Obj 279 when a BR change?


Wait so a month ago you move the Hipper from rank V to IV and now you are proposing to move it from 5.7 to 6.0?


way to go . . . . lol

F4f being 11.0 when the f4e is 10.7 comes to mind.


hmm yes M26 same br as Tiger II (H)


How is it reasonable that the VBCI-2 is getting raised to 9.7? The French 9.0 line-up was already moved to 9.3 (farily), and now the one IFV (which isn’t even a tech tree vehicle) is getting moved to the same no-mans land of 9.7 as the AMX-40? Even comparing to other IFVs this decision is bizarre.

IFVs at 10.0 like the PUMA, M3A3 Bradley, 2S38, Dardo, Strf 9040 BILL, or BMP-2M have significantly better firepower (Tandem / Top attack ATGMs, Proximity Ammunition), superior protection (NERA, Dazzlers), better profile (i.e. not a bus), and most of which are Rank VII…

Alternatively existing 9.3 IFVs like the CV9030FIN have the same gun and ammunition with a flatter profile, or IFVs like the Begleit feature higher penetration, VT ammunition, and I-TOW ATGMs.

So somehow the bus shaped French IFV with worse firepower, worse profile, but better QoL features (LWS, high resolution thermals), is considered superior to existing 9.3 IFVs?


F-4C watching in horror as R-73 is going his way