Question: Why is the IL28 at 8.0

I recently researched the IL28 bomber and noticed that it is at 8.0. Now the problem is that it gets constant uptiers and you will just get missiled almost every match without any chance to atack back. This same thing goes to all other jet bombers (not counting israel cause they get air to air missiles but 9.0) if you look at lower br fighter jets they are still very capable to intercept the il and others so why is it at 8.0 and other bobmers at similiar br.

For the il-28, it factors in that is twin 23s both for defense and offense plus the large payload of a 3000kg bomb. I believe that its performance in ground rb also keeps it up. The whole top half of air is a bit compressed so there is not much wiggle room to move it to 7.7 where it would face 6.7s.

As for bombing bases in it. You could try to classic rush a base and hope that you make it before getting shot down or someone else takes it. Or, you could take a route closer to the side of the map and sneak in that way. Maybe even go for ground targets on those maps where some targets are β€˜out of the way’ of the main fight.

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Because 8.0 is lowest BR it can go.

And yes, playing bombers on missile tiers is waste of time.

Not really if you bring IL-28Sh and know how to hit S24 rockets against enemy aircrafts

Because its balanced against other 8.0 jets.

It doesn’t perform that great in GRB. Not that I’ve seen anyway. Very large, very unagile, very easy to shoot down, at the BR where SPAA has started to receive tracking. It’s only benefit is essentially being a jet Pe-8 with a smaller bomb.

I usually play it in ground rb as a higher alt bomber. I will come in and drop the 3000kg bomb where ever I see scouting mark and dip. You can usually get out before spaa can get a good read on you. you for sure cant play it like the standard CAS that you normally see.

8.0 is fine. You get a guaranteed bomb drop and you have forward facing guns to defend yourself with.

Unless something has changed, IL-28s do not have guaranteed drops.

I spent some RB sessions this summer in my IL-28, my experience of getting a bomb drop on a base was very consistent. Not getting a bomb off was a very rare result.

i have 95% of the time dropped my bombs sometimes even killed a player and then died to a missile ( if i didnt die to a missile or just dodged the missile i always returned to the base landed and the battle was over)