Pz.Kpf.Wg. M4A4 748 (a) Firefly

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I would like to suggest this unique German M4A4 Firefly, which is rather unique as it has the Duckbill Track extentions, lots of track armor, well applied Markings, the Turret Cheek armor Patch, and instead of the british round muzzle brake a german Pak 40 Muzzle break. It also used german made ammo.
Later on it was recaptured by the british.

History to the exact vehicle is unknown, but germany was a great user of Beutepanzer and other Beutematerial. Vehicles and other equipment was used, reused and modified to be used in their role or a new one to fill their own gaps. Such as this Firefly.

While the M4A4 Firefly was the quickes way of bringing the 76 mm 17 Pdr gun in a tank to the front lines until more dedicated vehicles such as the Avenger were finished in development. While this made the turret extremly cramped it is the british development of the 76mm Sherman while the USA with their smaller 76mm gun stopped any production of such in the normal turret duo to crew ergonomics and instead went with the T-23 turret.

It would offer a different playstyle to the other german vehicles, add another unique touch to the vehicle (and continue the flow of M4 Tanks for all Trees). And show the need of the german army to fill their roles with anything they captured.

Pictures: (Click to show)


The German army produced their own ammo for lots of different guns and refitted and reused casings for the captured guns, from 15mm over 37mm, 47mm 75mm and 76mm of different nations.
Be it German Mg 151/15 projectiles in 15mm Besa, Czeck 37mm ammo in french and american guns, Czeck, Yugoslavian and Austrian ammo in 47mm guns, simple refittet 75mm rounds in other cannons (which was also the other way around earlyer in the war when M61 wasnt yet available and american units refitted captured K.Gr. Rot Pz for their M3 Lees) and 76mm made ammo for russian, british and american guns.

And so also the british 76 mm 17 Pdr. gun with its original ammo, which stock was (especially after the tides of the war turned) was less available than recicled casings with fresh produced 76mm rounds.
While there are multiple rounds, i will only mention the 3 game play wise interesting ones.
The ammo itself is also allready visible in game on the Marder III, but with higher velocity.
(Click on the names to show)

The Gun: 17 prd 76mm
80 rounds of ammo, -5° to + 25° elevation and a coax 7,62 mm MG

Pzgr. 39 Rot APCBC 7,6 kg 20g H.10 (34g TnTa) 890 m/s 191mm/10m


Pzgr. 40 APCR 4,15 kg 28x110mm 900 g Coreweight 1050 m/s 210mm/10


Sprgr. 39 HE 6,25 kg 550 g Fp.60/40 890 m/s


The Vehicle:

Armour Front Sides Rear Roof
Hull 50.8 mm (55°) Front glacis
50.8 + 25.4 mm (35°) Driver’s port
50.8 mm (12-56°) Transmission area 38.1 mm 38.1 mm (10°) Top
38.1 mm (10°) Bottom 19.5 mm
12.7 mm Engine deck
Turret 76.2 mm (8-44°) Turret roof
50.8 + 88.9 mm (1-54°) Gun mantlet 50.8 mm (2-38°) 50.8 mm (2-67°) Turret rear
50.8 mm Radio box 25.4 mm
Cupola 50.8 mm 25.4 mm
As well as lots of track armor.

Weight: 31,5 ton
Top speed: 38 / 5 Km/H
Engine: 400 Hp
Crew: 4

Geschossringbuch I
Manual of the M4A4
Warthunder Wiki Firefly.


so your telling me they had a firefly with APHE my god another for the captured vehicles pile

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An APHE-slinging Firefly would be insane. +1 as long as it gets added with the German-style muzzle brake.



So it was just the One vehicle that was converted?

One vehicle that got the german Muzzle brake, but a bunch of Fireflys were captured, other than that there isnt much of modifications. But that would give it a more unique touch.

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Add in the British Panther used in combat and some random naval vehicle and we have a new battle pass called “Spoils of War”.


Hell, they could do an entire “Spoils of War” update. It’d probably be the most controversial update ever but it’d sure as hell be funny.


One cool one would be a captured King Tiger
Also I agree, spoils of war update would be interesting.




Yea giver america a captured king tiger and jagdtiger, plus a KTH for sweden and tiger 131 for the uk, just to cause strife among german mains


I wouldn’t do it to cause Stife even though I’m sure it would happen anyway, everyone would have their fair share in these sorts of vehicles ofc, I wonder if Gaijin would consider evaluation vehicles like the Captured Maus and Sturmtiger etc


So then would that allow for Britain to get one of the other variants which we captured back? I know it’s still a firefly but I want the Panther style APHE on some British tanks.

I doubt that they used the captured ammo.

I don’t see how they wouldn’t, is there evidence they just threw it out?

Why would they use captured ammo, when they have their own production ammo, with their own supply lines? Without having their Factorys bombed, with their own training and stuff?

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I was speaking about ammunition found in the tank during capture, just like the rest of German captured premiums

How should i know that? I dont even know what happened with it afterwards, probaply pressed into service after repainting, tho still they would run out of ammo i suppose and then use their own ammo, just like the german army the other way around.

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I thought so


i can’t post without more words

These are the kind of captured vehicles I’m okay with. Has unique ammo, German style muzzle brake makes it easier to identify.

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