PVE Lobbies in SIM EC

after the current BOT-ban wave ive seen a high incrase of Chinise PVE loobies in SIM EC, i personaly think that agreeing on PVE battle is against the TOS of Warthunder.

i personally intercept those players, wich commonly uses F4 premiums, and shoot them down, of corse they leave with their whole squad.

I mean, getting Free RP from them and a Winning bonus, thx for making my grind easier XD.

How do you deal with these kinds of Lobbies?

These lobbies appear during events. Just play your own game and report anybody that harasses you if you don’t comply to their imaginary PvE rules.

Its just the event, happens every time.

At the moment, im just using them to either spade the Gripen C or farm SL/Event in the Tornado Gr1. Though will fire off a 9L if someone plants themselve in my sights, but usually I employ tactics to avoid the enemy anyway.

If they start to become aggressive. Report them

All it would take is gaijin nerfing air sim score multiplier which is ridicolous, nerfing FFAR damage to bases which is known to be overperforming heavily or nerf score gained from bombing airfileds and pve Phantom hordes would be gone. Also adjusting score to be less reliant on rank would help too. I blame only devs lack of reaction or planning for this. Making spamming rockets at airfields give less than insane score it does now would literally fix the issue and everyone grinding the event the fast way would need to find other way to get score fast that doesnt involve abusing sim EC.


This is a PvP game, just kill them and get your own rewards.

Basically, just like I handle any other lobby in EC, if you are in a position for me to shoot you down.

You get shot down.

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