Put 190 A8-D9 to 4.7, make Tier IV FW-190 playable again

These planes thrive in fighter rich condition where it can be useful through actions as menial as taking as much enemy on it’s six to sea level or applying BnZ on a tangle, by sheer virtue of being in 5.0 this plane has been forced to play games it just cannot win as it is being paired with 4 bomber and 1 other fighter / interceptor / clueless Me-410.

This is not a fighter that can independently make kills effectively as consistent as Ta 152H-1 or Bf 109K-4, it needs something for it to works effectively, either a wingmen, a flight, or cooperative teammate, be it bomber or other fighter, with the way matchmaking is set up for 5.0 - 6.3 game for German air, a more or less support fighter like 190 A8 - D9 can’t be played optimally with how much fighter it has to face after the 4 bomber, usually bot, dies first and left the two fighter all by themselves.

And what is it with the repair cost? 7K? for a 5.0 plane that keep getting dragged to 6.0 even when stock? F4U-4B got it’s BR dragged down to 5.7 with 6K total repair cost from 12K spaded even though it’s mighty capable in 6.0, 6.3 if they’re good player? it’s easy to fly this plane from the sheer fact that it is a corsair with R-2800 44, 4x20mm cannon (Mind you, has the best stock belt ever, i still use stock AN/M3 belt over anything) which, frankly, better than any other cannon in the field compared to the other heavily nerfed 20mm gun like Shitspano, Ho-5, Ho-3, and other 20mm like ShVAK or 151, all the while it has the ammo reserve of wyvern with fighter configuration. How is that thing on 5.7? Skill issue? It took special kind of skill issue to even be THAT bad on a fucking corsair, that plane dominate on all level except F4U-1C because it’s gen 1 R-2800 can’t keep up with 4.7 BR , other than that it’s all fine and dandy.

German fighter need buff, and if it’s mean capping their repair cost to 6K across the board, i’ll do it, it’s just unfair that German Air tier 4 is kneecapped so bad that it’s basiccally undesirable even more than French tier 4.


this is the real issue. sort the 288 spam out and when we have matches with more than 10 people in them we can talk about balance


I disagree. Its fine at 5.0 (other than 288 spam but thats a seperate issue) the 190 A-5 is already at 4.7 and the A-8 is better than it. The Ds have already been lowered down and down a whole bunch, they used to be up at 5.3/5.7, but got lowered for no reason.

There are other aircraft that need their BRs looked at more urgently. Like the A6M5s that got raised to 5.0 because people refuse to learn to just not turn fight them and now they physically cannot compete anymore because everything is too fast (All A6M5s need to drop 0.3, I will DIE on this hill, so fight me)

Plus tbh it sounds like your issue is more the F4U-4B being too low than the 190s being too high…


I mean, it’s not like i’m not abusing the F4U-4B BR and Rep cost reduction to my advantage, I played the shit out of it to grind US tier 3 - 4, but still, when mirrored to other plane from axis side with it’s BR it feels ridiculous that it has such a low risk for a high reward plane.

They need to move the Ju 288C up. It’s way too fast at its current B.R., hence why everyone uses it to grind SL/RP.


Don’t think they’ll ever fix 288 6 plane matchmaking tbh, the easiest fix for them is to include more Japanese player in 6.0 german game and they choose to not do that, instead opting to downtier them to 5.0 / 4.7 / 5.7 or bomberless 6.0, they will do anything to make sure that both 288 and US fighter player get the most benefit out of 6.0 matchmaking while German and Italian fighters are crying with how much cost piled up on them for not having 288.


lol l2p before asking for a german fighters buff

I spaded the entire tier 4 german fighter, I just don’t want to deal wtih 288 spam anymore

Learn to play solo instead of playing like the usual stat padder trash in 4 men squads - i meet you recently and all i saw was running to your little stat padder combo as soon you got in danger. Typical that guys like you use “l2p”…

The OP is right in various ways, the main problems are undertiered US planes and Ju 288s. Logically padder pilots fly US/GB exactly in this BR range, knowing that they have better planes, meet mostly full uptiered enemy 5.0 fighters and have numerical advantage. Plain simple.

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But thats a problem with the 288.

Frankly any discussion about aircraft BRs from 5.0 tl 6.7 is going to go nowhere, because the 288 suffocates them all. Until that plane gets fixed, you cant really get much good data on the balancing of any other plane that can see it because its all so badly skewed.


Even if the 288 wouldn’t be there, it won’t fix the issue that only few players want to play 6.0ish german fighters vs. US / GB superprops. There aren’t exactly many K4 or Ta players, which like to suicide into into superprops.

Thats why we have these 6 player teams in the first place. Only 288 players left in this Br bracket and almost no fighter players. So the matchmaker is forced to make these 2 + 4 teams.

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there is a lot of Japanese plane in the range of 5.0 - 6.0 though, we can put them into these 288 match on german side, but somehow they just refuse it

Yeah sadly I have to avoid buying anymore premiums at 5-7br in Air. At least Air AB is fairly populated till 6.0 br

Explain how majority of times I’m playing Me-264, I get proper teams, but the moment I try to queue with my Fw-190D, I get 4 Ju’s and 1 fighter in my team?

Both same BR, there has to be a different issue when it comes to matchmaking than just not being enough players.


Indeed, there is a huge spike in those queuing at this tier (from the ingame screen) hovering over Germany. There appear to be just as many pilots in other nations in matches (allowing minor/major nation differences), including German fighters and strikers.

It appears to be quite obvious the 288 is just too tempting, just like the Wyverns. And being bombers those going for easy mode they effect the MM since limited slots and a LOT of people queuing.

I had no issue spading my 5.0 190s otherwise.

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Do you have a large enough sample size? Yeah i get every now and then a full lobby but most planes from 5.0 till 6.7 br will end up in 4 bomber 2 fighter lobbies.
I get usually up-tiered in the 7.0 262, but i am not a fan of this plane.


There are bots at lower BR´s mainly Wyverns which i notice, but they don´t bother me because there are at least 12 human fighters.


All I know is that it was rare to get Ju288’s in my lobby while playing Me-264, but it was almost guaranteed to get 4 bombers and 2 fighters(with me included) if I decided to play with 190d.

Really, the only option for any german players that aren’t bombers is to play under 5.0 and keep doing that until you unlock 7.0 plane.

In F8 I have averaged 3 kills per battle (player kills, mind you) over 2 months.
D9 is excellent for 5.0 too.
A8 is a bit worse than either, but still effective.
Especially D9 would absolutely mess up most 4.7 planes if used right.
Ju-288C spam is unreedemable unfortunately. I’ve witnessed several Ju-288C spammers with under 40% WR, one had 34% WR, lvl 100, with thousands of Air RB battles.
This means that by encountering this guy in the opposing team, your chances to win automatically go up to 66%. It’s insane, because achieving 65+% WR while playing solo is a bit of an achievement on most BRs. Yet this guy does the exact opposite without any effort.


especially with how good AN/M2 gun and AN/M3 cannon

From my perspective you are all on the right path, but you might consider two additional factors:

  1. German/Italian (=axis) vs US/GB (=allies) aka semi-historical mm is active for German/Italian 5.0-6.0 fighters (rank IV fighters), but hits mainly 5.0 axis fighters due to Ju 288 spam. The only other exception from the officially abandoned semi historical mm I am aware of is on rare pacific maps where you fight with pure Japanese teams against US/GB.
  2. Even without wearing a tin foil hat is is obvious that these small teams with 4 Ju 288s (sometimes a poor Ju 188 or Me 264 joins them) are fully intended by gaijin - just to support Ju 288 sales and pamper the usual low experience US/GB fighter pilot with improved chances to get easy kills (or just wins) by fighting mostly tankers in Ju 288s and overwhelming a few mostly full uptiered 5.0 German/Italian fighters with mostly undertiered US/GB fighters just by numbers.

I flew roughly 300 matches this year with the IT P-47 D-30. Without the temporary IT 109F-4 spam in the previous BP season my 90% full uptier ratio (joining 4 Ju 288 in 6 vs 6 / 7 vs 7) would have been 100%.

This mess is fully intended by gaijin and no accident. They are not stupid. It is true that matches with 7 Wyverns or 5 XP-50s happen quite often, but they are in a 16 vs 16 setup. Applying pure logic we should see 7 vs 7s with these planes too - but this never happens.

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