PS4- Creating of gaijin account

Hello i have a little problem i have on my ps 4 i have 2 accounts that im activly playing on but only on 1 of them i was abble to create gaijin account, when i tried on the other it created the account but dident linked i tried to buy and bought Spookstons decall but it dident arrived and when i loged on that acc from pc it was brand, no proggres even touhgt i have reserched 9.0 at that account + now i cannot create any account that will work

Having more than 1 War Thunder account is a violation of the terms of service.

That includes playing on 2 seperate PS accounts.

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Well, how do you fix the problem that i have ? If u have any sugestions?

One of your accounts has to go because you are in active violation of the terms of service. Absolutely do not connect a second account to Gaijin and playing on 2 PlayStation accounts simultaneously is still a violation of the ToS.

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Ok so if i delete 1 of the ps4 accounts it will work?

Wait one second. I’m not sure so I’m going to contact an actual moderator because while you are violationg the ToS, I also don’t want you to accidentally delete an entire PS account instead of the WT account tied to it (I don’t understand PlayStation).

Rn i have 1 account because the 1 that dident worked i deleted . But u cannot delete tge1 that worked because my friend is playing on it activly

So you deleted the other account? So you only have 1 WT account now?

Sorry i cannot delete the account

Yes but i want to play on the othere one on pc. Because my ps4 is dying

So to clarify, you only have 1 War Thunder account now?

Rn only 1 but u can go to voice chat with me rn so i can explain it to u better

I’m not doing VC with you.

Assuming you only have 1 WT account, please contact support if you are having trouble migrating it to PC.

I have 1 PS account taht is succesfully linked to gaijin + my friend is playing on it ( this is the account). I have anothere 1 PS account but there’s a problem that it cannot link the account that is the problem… i don’t want to migrate it to PC.

You’re really good at admitting to ToS violations.


Having that second PS account is still a violation of the terms of service. You cannot have 2 War Thunder accounts, regardless of if they are linked to Gaijin. It is also a violation to share your account with another person. Please, for your own good, read the terms of service before you sign up to stuff.

You are violating the following sections of the ToS:


3.4. The User shall not create multiple Accounts.

3.5. The User shall keep the Account login and password strictly confidential. The User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login details and for all activities that occur on their Account, whether authorized or not (for example, if the Account credentials become known to third parties or in the event of unauthorized access). Any use of the Account with the User’s login and password shall be carried out by the User. The User shall immediately notify Gaijin if there is any breach or misuse of the User’s Account.

Ok tanks for your help, that means if I delete the account im fine ?

Assuming you also stop sharing your account with your friend (this means changing the password too so they can’t access it on their own), I think you’ll be okay. This is not quite my area of expertise.

ok but if i want to make the account his ? taht i couldent go there ? it is fine or not ?

Okay. Please file a support ticket.

I do not know the answer to this. Please file a support ticket.