Predictions & discussion for the summer update (2024)

Guys, there is a thread for this already.

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There is also a wishlist thread tho

How about some AA for the US, UK, France, and Sweden to fill the huge gaps from around 4.3-5.3 to 8.0-8.3?

T77 for the US is one that springs to mind. Chaffee with 6 .50cals

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I posted a vehicle i wished to be ingame and why, and then was told off

I really hope the devs will stop with the urban map superiority, because players are getting tired of it. And now with the recent map shrinkages i think its time to say stop. This stuff already restricts what strategies you can use greatly and shrinking the maps does NOT help

Because that is the thread for this discussion. That is why they make that thread and pin it, so there isn’t a huge influx of threads discussing the same thing. Please use the other thread.

PLZ-83 130mm field gun mod
Type 85 STORM

M829A3-M829A4 He’s going to activate reactive cubes to keep Russia the best

Besides that, this is about the upcoming summer update. Not the whole year or more. Just is reasonable to come THIS certain update

Besides that, this is about the upcoming summer update. Not the whole year or more. Just what stuff is reasonable to come THIS certain update

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Look man, it says in the title NEXT major update. That should be the Summer update, right?

I’m just trying to be helpful because this thread has a high possibility of being closed because the other thread serves the purpose this one is attempting to.

Alrighty, fair enough mate




LOL . . . we’ll see, I hope we get some more cool stuff, but realistically, anything new would be cool
to me anyway . . . . ☻

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id kill for a new WW2/Cold war Domestic Swedish Vehicle


ariete nerf

Sepv3 wothout lower hull plates because they have “sources.”

I believe Gaijin has stated they intend to add ARH for the summer update. If so, I’d expect and hope they’re like this, instead of the unbalanced mess that will happen if we get JAS39s and F-16s vs F-4 ICE and Tornadoes

F-2 “Viper Zero” along with beginnings of a Thai subtree for Japan, possibly Thai AT-6 Wolverine and Stingray light tank?

I hope gaijin add next gen targeting pod for F-16C Block 50, AMX A-11 and JAS39 Gripen C replace current targeting pod 🙏

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