Predictions & discussion for the summer update (2024)

Both good and bad stuff, and throw in some wishes everything isnt confirmed yet, so who knows!

This is a place for predicting, not arguing about specs (alot at least) now GO!!

Another Soviet spaa


Alrighty, good start. Now gimme more!

Ariete armour nerf or a buff

Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU that will imediatly get the german 2A7V nerfed

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Alright (noted), Now the USA!

M1A2SEPv3 or idk more complaints for gaijin to buff abrams. M829A3 so they can move on to wanting M829A4


Okay all good, Now for the WW2/Cold war geeks

We all know AMRAAMs are on their way, but what new planes are you guys betting will join them

Eurofighter Typhoon for germany.

All available toptier jets are trash in german tree…

Some small wishes

Discussion on ZTZ99A model errors in game - Machinery of War Discussion / Ground Vehicle - War Thunder — official forum
Add DTC-10E/S (APFSDS) to Chinese 11.7 vehicles - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum

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I hope to see the F/A-18, as it can be given to USA, UK(Canadian), Italy (Spanish) and Sweden (Finnish) alongside the Thai Gripen or F-16.

But realistically, we will probably get an American F-15C, Swedish Gripen C and an improved flanker that can carry R-77s (afaik the 27S cannot carry them though unsure of that). That should allow all nations to have competitive ARH slingers (which Gaijin has been building up to for a while now).

I doubt it but it is Gajin, they could pull a wild card, if anything were to be added I’d assume F4-ICE.


Predictions? Rumor roundup and discussion thread is exactly that tho?

here you can share stuff that you wish will be added and why it would be added, on the roundup the devs throw you to the shadow realm for such things

Guys, there is a thread for this already.

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There is also a wishlist thread tho

How about some AA for the US, UK, France, and Sweden to fill the huge gaps from around 4.3-5.3 to 8.0-8.3?

T77 for the US is one that springs to mind. Chaffee with 6 .50cals

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I posted a vehicle i wished to be ingame and why, and then was told off

I really hope the devs will stop with the urban map superiority, because players are getting tired of it. And now with the recent map shrinkages i think its time to say stop. This stuff already restricts what strategies you can use greatly and shrinking the maps does NOT help

Because that is the thread for this discussion. That is why they make that thread and pin it, so there isn’t a huge influx of threads discussing the same thing. Please use the other thread.