Pre-Order: Tornado IDS WTD 61

I’m hoping that at the very least tornados get their slats fixed before this brick gets released as a premium

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Wow is this a bad premium, what is even the point of this other than a money grab?

Gonna be a sh*t storm for those who having event IDS in the market


So besides dying alot, what else does it do better than or even close to any other tornado in the game? What does it have that would be a reason to by it?

lower BR

Literally nothing… its the event vehicle without the anti ship missiles. The Mig bis is still a better choice, even though it has no radar missiles.

Change it too a Mig 29 and then it’s worth it lol.

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@Stona_WT Will Israel get some advanced vehicles? All year Israel’s ground forces have received few advanced modern vehicles, further reducing the appeal of Israel’s tech tree

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That wont help it any…

They really need an IFV

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yes i agree with this!

Yeah this aint it, why would anyone pre-order something they can get in the market right now for cheaper. This might have made sense for a different nation but even then at that price point it’s a stretch.

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You say this, and then there is people who say that premiums should not be unique vehicles. edit: comment i replied to was deleted

My biggest problem with this is that they sell expensive premium vehicles that is not competitive at all. What is more profitable, making a one time profit, or actually selling a good experience creating grounds for several later transactions? People buying the Tornado and trying to play it in AB or RB is going to have a bad experience. Thus, turning them away from the game. AB and RB does not support a playstyle that is required for the Tornado, and all it does is degrade the matchmaker and the battles overall.

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I don’t think they will ever get that code, because gaijin sees it as a tiny buff and therefore pointless.

Even though its a massive buff to flight performance

this premium is a joke tbh. The event tornado is already useless in both game modes. Whopays for this 70€?

Most of the german premiums are so bad and not unique at all. All are just copy and paste tech tree vehicles and have at most only a few changes. I would buy german premiums in the air tree but all are just boring. If gaijin puts no effort in creating interesting premiums then I simply don’t spend money

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What a not wonderful not new with no new weapon plane

Going to eat this alive in my F16C lol

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Before getting there and being able to do that, they just had to make 5 major update every year for the past 11 years while keeping the game free to play and catering to the wishes of a very passionate and diverse palyersbase worldwide. Clearly no effort 👍

it will never face any F-16


If they made a premium that was a unique vehicle, players would rage that it isn’t for free in the regular TT… What do you want them to do??

10.7 BR then?