What happened to the Rooivalk?

So like the title says. What happened to it? I wanted to pick it up during the Christmas sales but it’s gone. Why was it removed and will it come back as a GE vehicle?

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it was removed last anniversary
who knows when and if it will come back

maybe, they removed the italian heli and the chinese one as well, and both are back for GE already as well

IDK why they do that… oh yeah… artificial scarcity for fun and profit.


It’ll probably come back for a SA day or SAAF day for a few days as GE.

Doubt the same would happen to the rooivalk, since the G-LYNX existed and it performs unholy better than the rooivalk in GRB. Regardless, everyone’s money will go to the G-LYNX still.
For China there simply wasn’t an alternative, and for Italy, the HU Mi-24P is equally suboptimal if anyone experienced Russian/German hind.

@gromvoiny could you shed some light on the status of the rooivalk?

It was hidden after last Anniversary sale alongside some other premiums.

More intrestingly, were their already some discussions about the future of the Tornado IDS WTD61 and its additional armaments?

What additional armaments?

The premium tornado is just bad and has no real purpose, it doesnt do a good job with base bombing as well. It should have been an CAS option for ground players so that they dont necesarily need to grind trough a complete Air tech tree to get a CAS option. Just as example like the SU-39, A-10 and A6E-Tram


But this specifica aircraft represents an early Tornado, not a later ASSTA 1-3 which had additional weapons capability. Apart from the lack of Kormorans I think it’s quite similar to the MFG event Tornado already in game.

Yes, maybe not well suited for Air AB/RB and GRB meta, but very good in Sim EC.

Thats the problem, the choice to make it an IDS itself was an mistake. Could be fixed with giving it an standard Assta 1 skin as well and have the current skin version as an extra as well. That being said it the WTD branch is a testing facility as well so it could be said that the Aircraft tested the integration of additional Armament like GBUS. The sad fact currently is, that the MFG event Tornado gameplaywise is better then the Premium even for Sim because it gets the possibility of the Kormorans (and giving the WTD Kormorans just wouldnt fix it)

Even if we are saying the WTD is the better tech tree grinder, the priece of the MFG will now fall + talisman on a sale makes it cheaper then the premium.

The WTD as a result is only useful as a silver lion grinder which is just sad

The SU-39 is most useful in Sim EC as well, but at least its useable in GRB as well, while the WTD just is not intresting or viable.

It didnt help either that gromvoiny at one point stated the WTD will never face any F-16

Even when we know dev server never is final. Overall the premium is just a huge dissapointment, and thats the shared sentiment of most of the community. The only intresting and worth feature of the pre-order was the nice looking crow decal, which now is gone. Thats why they needed to give a statement in the first place, because the WTD overall is just a dissapointment.
Sales propably arent big either, the Lazur M is in a good spot now with it not being sucked into top tier constantly anymore and being able to fight more equal opponents where it can shine. And having a way nicer gameplay compared to only base bombing

Can we expect it to come back at some point?

definitly at least for some event days yes


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@gromvoiny @Schindibee [Development] Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft - News - War Thunder welp that confirmed that, the premiums gonna stay useless , such a shame it could have been so much more