Pre-Order: Tornado IDS WTD 61

If it’s 10.7 or 11 oh yes it will lol. It’s a rank 7 with aim 9Ls, bet its 10.7 or 11 easily.

Just your average WT Player reading comprehension. Me saying this prem vehicle is lazy, doesn’t mean I’m calling the development of the game itself lazy.
But good on you for being dim and happy about it 👍

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It kinda does but whatever

Step 4 : Give it a 10.0 BR so they can sell thounsands of them ! ^^

What you mean “both” game modes? You know there are three modes, and in that last one - SIM - the Tornado MFG excels and is in my opinion the best aircraft of all for its role…

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i woudlve thought anything saudi would prob go to britian seen as we already have the saudi Lightning F.53 there and that out of the 3 nations that have tornados britain likely has the largest link to the saudis

Any F-16? Is 10.7 realistic BR confirmed?

Explain it then to me buddy. Feel free to dm me.

As the Saudi ones are ex RAF Tornado GR1s sold to them directly from the UK. Yes a Saudi premium tornado would be on the British TT. For a while the leak list was premium tornado IDS from Saudi. So either we are getting multiple or that was wrong

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BR drop for all tornados then. Sweet!

Thankfully it’s not, no need for another brick premium for Italy, unless it’s a variant which would be limited to Aim-9B and placed at lower br.


There is still a chance for a good premium like Brazilian AMX, maybe someday)

Sorry fella, but Sim is a dead mode as far as the playerbase is concerned. Sim performance means nothing.

does it get worse engines then the tornado ids MFG ? , i still cant comprehend how you wanna give it a lower br, since the pictures do show it with a double rail bombs as well

The only thing I can think of is weaker engines… But surely it would still be supersonic. Even Mach 1 with 2x 9Ls would be unprecedented at 10.3. unless it doesn’t have reheat. In which case it will need slat code or be totally DOA

This IDS has:

  • full bomb load
  • 2x 9Ls
  • BOZ pods

So the normal nerfs arent there. Engine power is the only thing left, either that, or Germany is about to get the best high tier premium in the game

So a copy-paste jet bomber for lvl 5 players that have no air for Germany? thanks, I guess

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Probably find a way to make sure any loss of engine power is cancelled out by not having the additional weight and drag of the IFRP

IRL these Tornado prototypes wearing the paint schemes shown on the premium, didn’t have guns
That would definitely drop the BR a lot. But judging by the model, gaijin have decided not to adhere to that limitation

so another 70$ botting plane … because game doesn’t have enough of those, right?


Cant see them gimping the engines that badly, which is going to mean an awful lot of planes that should have 9L’s will need to be asking questions.

Yep, Jaguar Gr1A will be at the top of the list for me

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That was the response to it. So deffo has a gun