Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

I saw 44M Tas several times on a leak list, (maybe Olega) I hope that there will be 2 versions, the 75mm M43 cannon and the Bofors 29 M 8 cm. This is basically an anti-aircraft gun, but the shoulder bag intended for the tank was completed and it was fired at Hajmáskér, which was also proven with documents.

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You just said the same thing I & grom said.

lol R-77s don’t outrange AIM-120Bs.

It is very freaky for sure ^^


r73 you mean

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I think you might have missed this:

A dev stated this:

In reference to the Tornado WTD. Which implies either:

  1. Its 10.7 or lower
  2. F-16s are going up in BR

If it is the first one, then essentially identical aircraft like the Tornado MFG, no longer have justification for 11.0 and even other Tornados could have justifcation for 11.0. At least for now.

The other option is the WTD will have some kind of major handicap. Like significantly weaker engines, but it would still likely be supersonic.

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Have you got “what about italy/what’s italy getting?” yet? Maybe even a “where’s DRACO” on that RR bingo list? Cause if you do, I’ll help out and ask, is Italy to get a rank 8 in this coming update?

R-73 is short range.

Do you mean Aim-120Bs?

italy literaly got the most attention the whole last year lol

My brain thought I typed 120B.

And I loved it, it was so nice that they finally got a bit of love

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i feel like they are just gonna give us filler stuff till the EFT

Why do you feel this way?


Which is why Mytho mentioned R-73s…

But I think like R-27ER vs Skyflash ST vs Aim-7M. The winner will be the one with A) the better seeker and B) the one that is faster.

Range rarely has any impact in WT, especially as most will be firing at the same range

was very confused cause im sure the R77 outranges a early sidewinder so i knew you missed typed just got what on wrong

And? US and Russia is getting loved every year


F4F ICE next…

and U.K.

Oh? We doin updates by nation per year instead of blanket across the board? I mean sure they got the Hungarian branch, but I want Italian vehicles added to the Italian tech tree, seeing there are many that would nicely fill many of the existing gaps in the tech tree.