Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Looks like the most OP SB farmer. This thing will print SLs faster than any other aircraft in game I reckon.

(Especially if it’s as low as 10.3)

I i just want italian and german tornados to get some love, uk pnes might be stuck, pgm + BOL rails in the future is a pretty big upgrade over the standard ones

The model renders all show it with dual racks. So it should have the same bomb load as any other Tornado

Lord knows what is supposed to make it lower BR than the MFG IDS. Kormorans are a non-entity currently

BOLs would be a major upgrade. Especially as they seem to have 0 interest in ever adding the chaff count.

But PGMs are totally worthless and Italy and Germany both have gen 2 tpods. We have a buggy gen 1.

(Smin just confirmed, no work has been done on the chaff count issue, so we can’t even hope for that this update)

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I wouldn’t say zero interest. It likely requires a pretty hefty overhaul of the countermeasures code. Just like the RWR rework wasn’t a case of fix it for one airframe.

Would also be a nerf for the F-4’s (excluding the S/J/J(UK).) Which have fixed CM dispensers. They should only carry 30 flares and 60 chaff. As they aren’t interchangeable like the standard ALE-40s. Pretty sure @Flame2512 had a report in for this.

Though the fact they won’t even consider increasing CM count to 112 and locking the tornado to mixed only as a stopgap is just insane to me. The fact after what? A year+ the tornado, plus any dev time, plus this being a requested feature for years. Tells me they aren’t working on it that hard.

But at least if we do get a tornado IDS at 10.7 or lower (been confirmed by Devs it will never see F16s)

Then we have a hope for a BR drop for all the other Tornados too.

Please for the love of god tell me the BOL pods are coming soon, otherwise the tornado Gr1 will be completely doa soon.

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That could mean an increase in the max BR

I agree, I also suggested a few bodges, but I also understand the want to not make it more wrong than it already is.

What about a 2 pod system? One has the 56 flares and the other has the 1200 Chaff’s.

or that they somehow just plan to make it 10.3 or 10.7…

I’d say that would make it more right, not more wrong.

It’s just sad… Tornado Gr1 could have come with so much. It has such potential, and then it was added as a larger, and faster jaguar Gr1A with no new features or mechanics at all. They didn’t even give it a decent CM count.

It really doesnt instill me with much hope for the future

btw scratch that bomb load thing, it has double rails on this picture

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Already suggested this, but it’s not happening. End of the day it’s a Dev decision not to make it more wrong and wait for a proper solution. The number of available CMs is correct to the number of shots available from the BOZ cartridges. Strickly speaking it should be flares only so allowing any chaff from those is also a bodge.

Camo does look fantastic though.

at least thats the standard one and not the preorder one

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Just tell the Devs that the Mig29SMT is missing flare count from flare only pods (which it is based upon a thread a while ago)

And we’ll have split CMs by end of next week


Ahaha I see what you did there. I doubt even that would stop the F-16C slapping it silly but I won’t drag this off topic.


It depends how Gaijin model it. If they go with their current approach of giving all ALE-40 aircraft M206 flares (1" x 1"), regardless of what flare they used IRL, then it would be a buff: 60 flare + 60 chaff.

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Currently Litening II seems to be a Gen 1. Even TIALD feels much better

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That’s a bug, that is to be fixed soon™