[POLL] Removal of Multipathing for FOX-3 Missiles

Should Multipathing be removed for modern FOX-3 missiles (Excluding AIM-54A/C)?
  • Yes
  • No

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Multipathing is a side-effect of radars where the radar locks onto the reflection of a target off the ground, however this was largely mitigated on later more modern missiles with more advanced electronics regardless it is still very powerful in War Thunder. The main issue is how it is “abused” in order to close the distance and fire off multiple missiles without any way to counter, especially for aircraft with a large amount of flares

Example of multipathing:

Additionally this would allow for:

  • No more fighters with only bombs rushing, will be impossible if they get slammed by a FOX-3 (unless they navigate terrain and it’s pretty obvious they can’t if they are bomb rushing in an F-16)
  • More modern IR missiles, since the engagements would be mostly outside of FOX-2 range, it would allow for more modern IR missiles to come to the game
  • Skilled gameplay, no more furballs with IRCCM FOX-2 spam

If the individual missile and radar did not have a multipathing problem IRL, then it should not have such problems in WT.

To just blanket remove multipathing from all non-AIM-54 ARH missiles for “balance” would be absurd.


Basically every missile since the AIM-7M wasn’t affected by multipathing to the degree that it is in war thunder as far as I’m aware


Im totally for a removal of multipathing, however this would require changes to Air RB and SB since it would end up in a SPAMRAAM fest. I would approach this problem by turning Simulator Battles into more of a DCS Growling Sidewinder server experience or even dynamic campaigns as well as a much bigger map. However for Realistic Battles you could simply reduce the player count and increase the map size by a bit.


IRL the 7E for example would be limited to about 50-100 ft above ground level while the 7M could hit things as low as 10 ft. Multipathing as it is in game is entirely made up as a handhold for wallet warriors and people who haven’t learned how to defend in 4 years. No missile, not even the oldest SAHRs should be affected by multipathing nearly as much as they are in game.


In the current game mode and maps? No
With changes to the gamemode to make space to actually play against these missiles by reducing player density? Yes


Multipathing should be correctly modelled (instead of being completely exaggerated) for all missiles. Defeating missiles by going 100m above the ground is stupid, fox-3 still hitting you while being 5m above the ground and notching would be stupid as well


As long as it’s realistic yes


I am not an expert on this topic by any means, but just talking from a gameplay perspective, it always annoys me how 90% of all players in a match fly a few meters above the ground. In the current meta it is an effective way of avoiding radar missiles, but it feels do terribly wrong. So you are telling me all these rather modern gen 4 aircraft suddenly become star wars hovercraft and kiss the deck, instead of taking the fight several kilometers up in the sky with thinner air, how it was mostly in real life?
I hate playing and getting played like this.


Should note that the 54C should not have multipathing issues either due to it’s seeker improvements.

It actually getting these upgrades would allow it to be something other than a worse AIM-54A currently.


To be fair we’re never going to see engagements as they would happen IRL, be it Air, Ground, or Sea. From the amount of information available (not even counting metagaming), to the absence of stakes, to the setup of battles, it’s just not happening.

The best you can get are community events, but even those end up caught in the WT nonsense eventually.

Yes of course it will never be 100% realistic, but everybody fyling over the tree tops is too far off for my taste. Even made me stop playing Air for several months now.


They are not FOX-3 missiles they are ARH missiles. Fox 3 is a warning when firing ARH missiles. If you plan on removing the mechanic then why would you exclude the AIM54?


The AIM-54A’s seeker lacks the ability to reject such clutter, the 54C’s can.


Removing multipathing is just going to make the game more unfun than it already is. and if you are outnumbered you really won’t be able to fight back


I’m all for realism but are you really asking for them to remove multi pathing for ARH missiles? My tornado can’t even notch basic SARH missiles on a good day I don’t need my only defence to be removed. Maybe if we had expanded brs but that’s never going to happen. And “abusing” is a strong word for something u can do just as well as them?

Imo as balance decision, what they could do is remove multipath from SARH and keep multipath for FOX-3. This way SARH won’t be obsolete. Otherwise the game will become a Fox-3 spamfest

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Thats funny.

The biggest issue with the 54C is the BR its at, 11.0 facing a FOX-3 with no multipathing would be rather unbalanced

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no and in fact most radar missiles actually perform well beyond their real world levels in terms of how well it avoids the multipathing issue, which tends to affect radar missiles at much higher altitudes than in the game