Multipathing in War Thunder

Multipathing in War Thunder

I wanted to chat about something that’s been bugging me lately: multipathing mechanics in the game. You know, those moments when your radar-guided missile decides to take a nosedive into the ground even though you’re 100 meters above the ground? Yeah, that.

Can we take a moment to discuss how unrealistic that feels? I get that balancing gameplay with realism is tough, but this just feels off. I’m not saying we should ditch it entirely, but maybe we could tweak it to make it more in line with how radar systems actually work and make BVR engagements more fun.

I’m all for adding depth to the game, but let’s make sure it’s as realistic as possible, you know? So, what do you all think? Any chance we could see some adjustments in the future?


use this thread:


I searched, but didn’t find anything similar previously, thanks for pointing that out!

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