General playtest of air-to-air missiles with ARH Seekers (FOX-3)

yes. Edit: you need softlock and then you can yeet out

maddog mode would let you fire even with no soft lock

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Worst of the 4 best is still the best.

Perhaps if you drop the player count to a less cancerous amount there won’t be over 100 missiles with ARH? Some more ARB maps that have considerable amount of terrain and objectives spread out?

Other than that ARH are great, I hope they find their way into the game, it’s not like 12.7 isn’t already a point and click adventure but with 16 v 16 with ARH I think the novity will wear off fast, yeah people will use them, but the 16 v 16 will be too much spam with not enough terrain for cover that could hurt player retention at that BR.


Yea Air-RB and Air-SB need a reduction in team sizes, otherwise this is going to be a chaotic disaster.

I wonder whether the Servers can track around 60-100 missiles at the same time without problems…


You don’t need terrain cover when you can just hug the ground

Hugging the ground is not 100% reliable if they are fired high from above, the r27er behaves like that too

Yeah, muilt-pathing is an option, but these are ARH not SARH and they will only get better, and I always find that it completely limits counterattack options, more terrain = more counterattack options, besides ARB needs a map that isn’t just funneling players into a bowl, and it seems they need the practice on making good maps.


Maps need either to be way bigger (like multiple runways spread across 60-150km of just one side of the map ‘bigger’) or teams need to be downsized. As is, everyone launches at everyone and so the “furball” that starts at the beginning of most top tier matches is just from further away. Either one of those two options would lead to less missiles in the air at any given time especially since most maps right now funnel one or both teams into a really small area instead of allowing teams to spread out and cover more ground.


Also to anyone thinking the Mirage 4000 could get MICAs… Well it can’t. Basically it’s not upgraded to the standard MICA (It last flew in 1988 while the MICA entered service in 1996 with the Mirage 2000-5).

I thought it was planned to be integrated with MICA near the end of it’s development cycle?

How are you planning to do grinding for ARH missiles when they’re on the live server? Presumably they are a mod, but using only SARH missiles against an ARH being thrown at you from well beyond your effective range doesn’t seem very fun, especially if you have to grind through your own SARH to even begin to get to the ARH missiles.

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The simplest solution for now would be to reduce team size to 8 vs 8 or 10 vs 10.

If they added Air RB Enduring Confrontation (EC) then 16 vs 16 could probably work but would require adding a new ongoing game mode.

I hope we see Air RB EC again soon. The game wasn’t ready for it in 2017 but today it really is. Especially with advanced fox 3’s.


Can you fix the aim120 just oscillating for no reason? It reminds me of when the r73 was on the dev server.

Please for day 2 make the match sizes 12v12 at maximum!


my sincere and honest opinion it would be really fun and more enjoyable if you guys reduce the 16vs16 to 10vs10, my suggestion is: we are in devserver time, you can reduce the player count to 10vs10 with this only change the gameplay would be completly different, the missiles are fine, the really need some tweaks yeah of course, right now there is no overpowered missile, people are fighting equally each other, all the people here can do BVR engagements without any problem, but the only thing that it needs to be changed to make the gameplay a lot better is the player count, again 10vs10 for me is the bestttt optionn everr.

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So… we will have fox 3’s this update or nahh

No they stated second patch of the year

Not cool :(

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Very cool as the arh missiles still need to be modeled properly etc

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