[POLL] Pakistani Air Force as a Chinese sub-tree?

[Would you like to see Pakistan Implemented as sub-tree for China in-game?]
  • Yes
  • No

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China currently has quite the variative tree with ROCAF imports and PLAAF Indigenous design, however I still feels like that the tree is currently lacking in terms of variations, hence considering PAF as an extension to CN Air.

Important to consider is that very much halfway through their nation history Pakistan started quite the joint effort with China to create combat aircraft, resulting in some quite the unique craft.

However there’s some element of PAF that has to be omitted for this tree to work like F-16 (i know, but F1CK is around), and there will be gap, from rank V to rank VII, since the vehicle that exist to fill that gap both existed in PLAAF and ROC tree, things like MiG-15-19, Sabre, F-104 and stuff should be abandoned first thing first.

But would you agree that CN tree need expansion?

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lacking in terms of variations

Lack of variety is a terrible reason for a subtree, especially a subtree that would bring barely any variety

All of the Sino-Pakistani joint venture aircraft can be added to China WITHOUT a subtree, the only reason people would want a subtree is so they can get Mirages and more F-16s


yeah, I want 9-L Mirage III

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Especially not a very good justification, we should be trying to keep C&P low, not trying to give everyone every vehicle.
It doesn’t fill a purpose and China can live without it.

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A far more logical, fun and unique option than DPRK that people ask so much for.

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How is North Korea not unique and fun? They’ve got some goofy T-62 modifications, especially the one dressed as a T-14.
Because most of Pakistan’s army equipment comes from China anyways.

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Gaijin should add an United Korea tech tree and to fill the gaps they can add other south east asian countries as a sub tree.


Not a bad idea, I voted yes. But to me a combined Indian/Pakistani tree makes more sense. Regionally & perhaps for an overall vehicle count. But I also realize that real world political differences also make this very unlikely too, so . . . . adding Pakistan(or India for that matter . . or Both!) to the Chinese tree could bolster that tree a good deal . . . . we shall see. Pakistan could also fit into a “Middle Eastern” tree should that ever come about, so . . . lotsa options

In the air department I meant.
North Korea doesn’t suit the Chinese tree for several reasons anyways though.

Surely Indian and Pakistani player base would love it🙃. Their relation is like ROC and PRC but 10 times worse.


Oh I know & understand . . . but really, how many players do we even have here in WT? . . . they are very active gamers in India, many of the Indian streamers have TENS of MILLIONS of subscribers . . they should literally outnumber the Chinese player base we have, but I just do not see them really . . . kinda weird. A HUGE marketplace not being utilized or brought in for some reason . . . oh well. I’m not even sure how many more nations or how much bigger Gaijin even wants the game to get now anyway . . . guess we’ll wait & see

There isn’t that many indian/pakistani warthunder players. Mostly because most indian/Pakistani gamers don’t have PC(I’m not trying to make fun of them) and online PC games aren’t that popular in this region. Most gamers prefer mobile games over PC games in this region. So warthunder mobile might be more successful in India/Pakistan compared to Warthunder PC.

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More nations would bring them more money.

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I have seen some players of ‘INDIA’ squadron in Air RB.

i’d rather not, it’s gonna be SK sub-tree in Japan all over again. China and Pakistan made more sense.

It is good.

  1. I like Mirage
  2. I like AIM-9L
  3. I wasted money on J-7D and forced to play with horrible CN bots.

Pakistan tree will address the CN bot problem by the virtue of pulling in player that wanted to taste Mirage with 9L.


If you like the Mirage then play France.

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i’m like, tier 4 france, literal shit tier