[Poll][Discussion for suggestions]In ground-battles, a white circle should be displayed at the spawn point, and vehicles inside the circle should be able to disable damage judgment and refill ammunition and other supplies at the spawn point

In many cases, when a grand RB is outnumbered in terms of strength, it is possible to predict the damage judgment and be destroyed from a blind spot even if spotted near the enemy’s spawn point.
This is unavoidable due to the current spawn point system.
However, the original confrontation system of Grand RB should be based on capturing the base.
However, Gaijin has introduced a system that makes no sense, allowing the distinction of enemies with no damage judgment.
This is a change that disrespects the capture combat that determines the outcome of a Grand RB game.
Grand RB is particularly flawed in that replenishers cannot be replenished without capturing.
However, being able to replenish within the spawn area greatly increases survivability and allows for more gameplay, such as making decisions such as rapid retreat.
Based on the above, as a countermeasure to avoid creating unreasonable situations such as respawn kills, we propose to create a white circle in the spawn area to eliminate respawn kills as much as possible and to add tactical elements through area capture.

  • Buff ammo supply and repair speed in the spawn area.
  • When in the spawn area, it nullifies attacks from enemies.
  • In the spawn area, they can replenish ammunition and neutralize enemy attacks.
  • No spawn area is needed.

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Ok buddy

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Spawn should give the ability to repair and reload, yes.


My US M50 want this ^^

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When being spawned camped I’ve some times wished this but otherwise it just encourages more people to camp around the spawn being useless

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That just means stay in spawn let them come to us and we can kill them but they cannot kill us. Not a smart idea also its Ground not grand.


It’s not smart, but it’s a solid idea, we’ve discussed in the clan.
If you don’t leave the white circle of the spawn area in the first place, you can’t go out and defeat the enemy or win the match.
Staying in the white circle in the spawn area is empty and without reward.
On the other hand, if you set up a white circle in the spawn area and find that attacking the enemies inside it is pointless, you can prevent many respawn kills and unnecessary deaths.

If you tell people “if you stay here, you are invincible” they will stay there even if the chance of winning is zero.

Yea the invulnerability isn’t a good idea…

The replenish ammo, yep, maybe not crew either…

As both Doc and Mark are saying. It isn’t a good idea, why bother winning, if we murder all their tanks when they come to our spawn then we can push out without a scratch and win the match that way. It destroys their first wave of defense and when you go to 2nd or more waves the tier of equipment has deteriorated to an extent that it is not a threat to anyone.

Rest assured. If you stay because you are invincible, you will only lose because you will take the occupied area.
If any player stays in such an invincible area, please contact Gaijin with a complaint and urge them to improve.

Is your idea of a land RB player a lemming who only goes for respawn kills?
If a whiteline circle is created in the spawn area and attacking the enemy within it is pointless, isn’t it a normal thought not to head out of the spawn area to a position where you won’t be attacked, or to ambush them?

Or are you a respawn killer who fears that if a whiteline circle is created in the spawn area and the players within it become invincible, you will not be able to make a respawn kill?
There are many unreasonable things that have happened on high BR battlefields where helicopters come out, at least from the very beginning of the match, and are destroyed immediately after respawning because they are spying on the spawn area.
Such unreasonableness will not only destroy the match but also the motivation and mentality of the players and will lead to a demotivation of WarThunder.

They dont care about a win or loss. They just dont want to die. They could just sit there and wait for the other team to get bored and try to peak.

How would that work? You get punished if you stay in spawn too long?

If you took a moment to realize I was being to some extent sarcastic. In about 2 thirds of that and 1 quarter dramatic.

Sorry, I failed to notice the irony.
Since it’s WarThunder, I figured it wouldn’t be surprising if there were “players charging at enemies in respawn areas that have become invincible” like the Lemmings.

That’s it, just report them to Gaijin as “reluctant players”.
We won’t know until it is implemented in the first place.

We won’t know until it is implemented.
Personally, I think that players who stay in the spawn area for no reason should be penalized in order to eliminate players who are reluctant to fight.

The issue there would be invulnerable SPAA with constant ammo supply.does not fit the game in any way.CAS wasting time and ordance on a target that cannot be destroyed.The new spawn protection already makes heavy bombers reduntant to a degree in grb

Skill issue.

I don’t think I will.

Stop trolling


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Better still, make that white circle a capture zone in its own right.

We all dislike spawn camping, right?

Some maps you’re basically forced to in order to keep that flank you just cleared so it stays clear (Japan as an example).

What if we could instead capture the rear spawn zone of the opposing team to shut down reinforcement supply that way instead of needing to sit there staring down the area? Obviously yes people would (and should) be able to spawn at current cap zones under their team’s control, too. Though with some kind of short timer preventing the same guy from spawning 5+ times at the same zone to form a wall of his own bodies to prevent zone capture.

PS2 Star Wars Battlefront (2) Command Post mechanics. If a 2004-5 game can do it on now-ancient hardware, so can War Thunder.

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