Please stop down tiering 11.0 Japanese auto loaders to 10.3 matches

There is nothing in the germany 10.3 lineup that can match 11.0 Japanese auto loaders unless you shell out 160$ for the PT-16/T14 Mod which, even then cannot compete against 481mm of pen from JM33.

They absolutely do not belong in any match lower than 11.0. Every time my team is pitted against 3-4 auto loading top tier tanks my team gets demolished and spawn camped within 1-2 minutes of the match every time. This needs to change.

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Ah so you want them to only face uptiers because you cant kill them effiently

Dont play the reload game with them and instead aim for the barrel or breach

There is a reason why they are better as they are at 11.0 so they should be better than 10.3


No ones arguing that they are better, and they should stay uptiered, most of these matches are city maps a.k.a close quarter maps, all they have to do is hold a corner and my entire team gets whacked its literally that easy, and knocking out breeches dont save you from multiple auto loaders especially when you have to wait on a 6 second reload.

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And yes there’s no “efficient” way to kill a tank that can wipe out an entire team they can spawn 2 more tanks like that how is that even remotely fair, they are 11.0 for a reason, they need to say at that tier or higher.

But it’s a bad matchup you are not gonna win most of the time, is like fighting a tiger 2h with a jumbo there is nothing you can do

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Yea but like a 10.5cm Tiger 2

105 tiger is at the same br bc of the long reload but it is what it is u get an uptier they are supposed to be the top dogs, and anyway there is like 5 Japan player in the us server an one of them is me so is not that big os a problem

Yea idk what youre talking about being only 5 japan players, I get pitted against them almost every other match now.

Most of the time I’m the only one In the match lol, u might be matching with a try hard clan or smt

Yea i highly doubt it.

Why is something 10.3 supposed to match an 11.0?

Besides, the Leopard 2a4 with DM23 is perfectly capable of dealing with basically any tank up to 11.7.

And high pen 4 second reload is something you can face at 8.0 and beyond with the strv103

Yeah yeah if you can’t kill them effectively you go complain in forum this is how this game work nowadays? But Leopard 2A4 are really need DM33 tbh when there are TURMS running around with 3BM42 at 10.0

10.3 is not supposed to match 11.0 But 11.0 is constantly being downtiered to 10.3.
10.3 is extremely outclassed at 11.0 considering the armor at 11.0 is clearly made to stop lower tier ammo.

There is nothing at 8.0 with a 4 second reload using APFSDS and 481mm of pen.

Id argue DM23 with 408mm of pen can barely deal with tanks IN 10.3, considering I’ve had plenty of experience in most of the leos, its spalling is underwhelming and the rod itself is constantly being stopped by fuel tanks from Russia and USA.

There’s not much you can do against most tanks higher ranking BR especially frontally. Which is how most japanese auto loaders play it, you cant do anything when they are corner camping either, obviously you can take anything out from the side, but no one is going to willingly show their side when they know you are there.

I’d love to see you fight an STRV-122 PLSS with an A4. It will not end the way you think.

Again, there is no such thing of killing an 11.0 tank “effectively” the BR is literally made to stop lower tier ammo.

I could care less if you think I am “complaining” I am raising a legitimate point. If you can’t handle that, please feel free to leave.

Breach, idler wheel, done

I do not see the issue of the 2a4, a very potent vehicle, having to aim to be able to defeat vehicles

How on earth are you going to shoot a STRV 122 PLSS breech (which is literally half the size of the A4s) before it sees you no matter what scenario the STRV would have to be completely oblivious and most of those players are not.

The breech on the A4 is massive, and you can’t shoot through the Idler wheel frontally. And at most you’d kill the driver on the left side possibly wound the loader, and on the right side it wouldn’t even knock anyone out at most the loader lmao, it’d go straight back into the fuel tank and engine. Because again the spalling on DM23 is pathetic

Plus slpprJ m/95 has so much spalling youd be lucky to survive any shot lmao

By aiming

Lmao, yea, you wouldn’t survive that encounter period, I dont care how good you think you are.

Its an uphill battle, but to suggest the 2a4 does not have the means is very dishonest

Your chances are extremely slim playing against an uptier, which is literally the point.

And from my experience, the A4 is not very survivable even in its own tier, and I main the leo A4 and AV. I know very well what the Leo 2 A4 is capable of.

You can say it is dishonest all you want, that doesn’t make your statements accurate.