Player count in top tier sim

Plenty of people in these rooms (All vs All)

I even streamed (am streaming) one of those games last night.


…Jesus Maria… !!!

Ok, you interpret the high number of players in these all vs. all rooms as success.
I interpret the high number of players there as a lack of different rooms. I think that’s why there are so many people in those rooms. These are people who have been hanging out in the lobby and found the only free room in their br.
to me that would also be another indication that the other 8 nation sets are not proving themselves.

I remember that before 2021, all vs all rooms were sometimes created. these were pure grinding rooms. so what we call “PvE rooms” today.

if people want to play all vs all rooms, they can do that.
but I definitely don’t want all vs all rooms to eventually be the only option for all sim players! with no other alternatives. that would be terrible. that would be a sim that is 100% arcade sim.
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I accidently ended up in one of those rooms 2 or so days ago, and after my first death left for another room, being especially careful to not select any such room anymore…

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We could also call these rooms a TK fire zone :)
I understand that it is easiest to fill such a room because all nations are duplicated.
but I hope this is not the only Sim EC future

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A fully mixed room is still better than the USA roflstomp that is most rooms.

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USA is stomping top tier rn, but is that also the case down at the props and early jets?

FWIW I think/hope this next update brings some more variety to top tier, so that more nations have great jets to use.

I agree that all vs all should be avoided at all cost, and also strange mixes aimed to create the same level of confusions. Those lobbies are only useful to farm accounts. That’s the only real reason why they exist. So that’s not only a non solution, that would make sim even WORSE than it is now, because farmers would just create their own lobbies and things would start again rolling down from there with nerf to sl and rp gains etc.
Imho the ONLY two vviable solutions are:
-Smaller lobbies so that the player count cannot be too large in any case
-Smart AI integrating the losing team until real players join back in

And in general I would add more objectives to the game so to always have alternative tasks to do



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This one wasn’t VS ALL

I actually played a few of those without AI on for some reason which I think is uncalled for.

So Vs All is bad, but AI is still good… This room was hoppin’ until it loaded Dover Strait.

It was one sided for American but the AI were fierce

Just let us turn that shz on our own rooms

It’s too bad that map sucks (is broken/has broken game mechanics).

I dont understand what you re trying to say

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Question: Do you just “Join battle” or do you actually use the room list and select what battle you want to join?

I didn’t understand what you wanted either? this Nationset Allies vs. Axis is definitely very good


I go to the room list. I used the “Join Battle” button once but I fell asleep in my VR headset waiting for a game to start.

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ah…I get it now. No, you have to manually select a room and first see if there is a room with your chose BR available, otherwise you cna create one.

Anyway, this is not what wew re talking about here, we were saying that lobbies easily get unbalanced with one team with much more players than the other.

Right - and the AI Bots even the teams out making it better but they’ve been disabled as an option in user created rooms. That’s the point.

Probably because they are dumb bots and maybe they were abused somehow by farmers. We need proper bots imho. Or even better, Gaijin should really encourage people to try the nations on the RU side. Currently playing RU is a constant pain because :

1-not enough players. Every lobby is at least a 2v1

2-radar missiles underperforming. If you fly straight towards a PD radar and you stay close to the ground, the missile doesnt hit, and that doesnt make any sense. People with the f16 have the out of jail free card being completely immune to radar missiles just by flying low. I ve seen people charge right at me carelessly, knowing that just by hugging the ground they re immune to r27 and they dont even need to try to notch. This harms the RU side immensely.

Honestly, the first thing we need is smaller lobbies, and there is really no work around that, it would encourage people who cant find a match with the US to finally grind the RU tree (and other nations in general) as well. Second, we need a fix to how radar missiles work, because in the current state of the game all the planes that rely on them are left in the dust.

These are my % of victories at top tier in sim. Vehicles are good, that’s not the problem, and I ve played many games so randomness isnt the problem either. It’s the game really lacking RU players and not allowing them to use their arsenal as they should, thus making so even less people decide to play that side, making the problem worse.

Games played are the second column, victory percentage is third column.

I just wanted to share my yesterday’s experience at the top tier sim match (Denmark map, which normally considered as a big map)

All the teams have F16s, F15s, Su-27s and Mig-29’s. I saw a guy with Mig-23, but he just left after showt down by a F15

With the new F15s ans SU-27s, now players able to carry big numbers of missiles, which means if they spend their fuels correctly, able to fly more to kill without landing.

And even Denmark map is big, after you takeoff (because there so many players, approx min 8-9 players on each side) you are able to see 2-3 enemies in your radar (sometimes even in 37km range sometimes) So either the enemy can kill you just after you takeoff with FOX-1.

Additionally, I see often close range fights-dogfights, 2-4 or 1-3 (let’s say, 2 from blue, 4 from red teams). And although you try to survive from the new fox2’s, another guy came from far and kill you again with fox1.

I believe current map sizes and player numbers make the sim not so fun. SIM means for me able to plan your strategy, speed, fuel, ammunition, altitude, location of the bases-enemies and even your teammates. At the moment it is just chaos at the top tier at least.

Solution is very easy;

  • Make the map sizes at least 1,5x bigger

  • Limit the player number with max 6-7 players (of course if they make the map sizes 2-3x bigger, then also they can keep current player numbers)

And this situation is without the proper fox-3’s

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yeah we’ll need to triple map sizes to get ready for fox 3.

vietnam is currently my favourite map. big enough and has plenty of terrain to maneuver in


I don’t like the Denmark map for top tier as it is so flat. Vietnam and especially Afghanistan allows you to hide, sneak up, and surprise - or evade - which I find especially important for exactly that top tier gameplay…


yeah. only downside of afghanistan is the height.