Player count in top tier sim

I haven’t logged in for a few days also about player count but my experience is most servers are empty barring a few zombers. Ai targets are few and far between, due to economic reasons no doubt. You don’t feel like you’re in a war zone with how empty the game feels. Been flying 1946 with swarms of ai all around. Historical era match ups a few player squadrons still active it’s been a breath of fresh air lol. Now if only I could get Vr to work in it.

In 1h it will be even worst with zombers flying the F4 again …

I think some people are missing the point here. I’m not complaining about mig29 or f16. I’m saying, in GENERAL, no matter what patch and what plane is dominant, that some changes must be done to avoid one team getting 3 or more times the size of the other team.

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Usa vs the WORLD should fix it İMO. But that’s not good either , maybe I wanna enjoy my zeroes Vs F4s , but still. Do you have any suggestions?

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what a good sim would do. better programmed placeholder AI that helps the weaker team. no one wants that here. but would be a good emergency solution.

you can only form two equal teams in password protected matches organized by squadrons. with organization, planning and agreement.
In normal, public everyday life this is not possible to always have equally strong teams. it is pure coincidence who flies at the same time as you. unless you have enough people to organize battles with two sides.

by the way, I remember when the MiG-23 was introduced, everyone wanted to fly russia. at least temporarily. that supposedly everyone only wants to fly USA is also just a snapshot.

…in the game Hell let Loose the problem with unequal strong teams is solved relatively well. but you can’t adopt that 1 to 1 in WT Sim.

Yeah, no, at the moment F16 is dominant. But wasn’t long ago that I was trying to play the Tornado F3 whilst outnumbered 3 to 1 by Mig 29s. I also remember before that being in the same boat in the Phantom FGR2 outnumbered by Mig23MLDs. Unless they change it instantly whenever something new is added. That is a recipe for disaster

Not only russians. Just most of others nations players.

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I don’t know anyone who thinks like that.

we had a squadron back then. we always built USA, GER, ITA & UK as Nato vs RUS, China in the user created battles. something like 9.7 to phantom. it was exciting battles that never got boring. sometimes even too many Russia players.
after the introduction of the current nation sets we could no longer fly jet together. that practically destroyed our Nato squadron.

what most players want is enough choice and flexibility.
I am at least tolerant enough to give enough rooms to people who really want USA vs. everyone. that would be ok for me if I get my old rooms back at the same time.

Personally I would make top tier lobbies much smaller. 6v6 would be perfect imho. Enough players so you can still easily find each other (keeping in mind that at those tiers you have incredibly good radars) and even if some players quit the imbalance is kept somewhat contained. Worst case scenario you get in a 2v6, that is still way better than what you get righ now at times with 2 or 3 people vs more than 10 opponents.

Also, the better AI suggestion might be a good idea. Even just to add dumb AI would help as they would act as meat shields for the actual players.

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Anyone who can play top-tier also has lower tier options. Because of the way sim BRs rotate there are other “top-tier” options. The Mig-23 especially got a boost after the previous RWR changes.

Also, the Server options have changed and been reset for me in the last several updates. If people don’t realize they may only be looking at their default server.

And more previous RWR changes made it detectable by F4s again , again because US mains cried a river when they couldn’t AFK bomb

It was a historical mistake for them not being able to detect the Mig-23 radar. An earlier version of the F-4J without the AIM-7F would be in that situation.

The F-5’s can still be radar missiled into oblivion without warning.

I played a match so silly today…3v9, so many f16 we couldnt even take off…pls gaijin, do something. It’s unplayable in these conditions.

use ir guided rockets. use radar irist. when u master how to spawn camping enemy airfield . + avoid all atention. u wil farm a lot. but its 2 boring.

Would help with bigger maps for 12.3…

i never said u cant do well, im usually one of the 3 good pilots left in the 3v12’s doing exactly that - well except camping the airfield cause that’s cringe. Just stating the facts that the matches are inherently lopsided to begin with.

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Exactly, it s not a matter of doing well or poorly, point is, the match needs to be somewhat fair. of course you cant always have the same amount of player on both sides, but large discrepancies should be avoided at all cost

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Anyone grinding for RP (ie, most of those in top-tier jets, either spading or researching the next shiny thing), will likely leave as soon as they see they’re not going to win. Win bonus makes it a waste of time staying when you could spend the time in another game with a 50-50 chance of getting the win bonus. Players leaving the losing side has been a ‘feature’ forever. Less of a problem in the few lower BR games where players may well have completed all the grinding they’re interested in and winning is just a challenge.

Well anyone bailing over win conditions is making a really bad move. Why? Because Gaijin already gutted the RP bonus for winning a while ago. The only difference now is just a slight SL bonus for the winning team. That’s it!


Really? I knew they reduced win bonus and added the reduction as a bonus when losing, but there was still a difference at that point, albeit smaller than previously. But it’s a long time since I did any serious RP grinding in EC, so I wouldn’t really notice.