Planned Battle Rating changes (table updated 04.08.2023)

Also will avoid a lot of APHE throwers so they might do better!

J-7D should go to 10.7


New error? It says Swingfire is going from 7.7 to 8.0 in RB?
Swingfire isn’t 7.7 it’s 7.3 currently. Not sure if you’re intending it to move up by a whole 0.7 or if that’s part of the typo.

Can you update the Assault Ground Arcade battle rating brackets as well? Currently they go 6.7-8.0 and then 8.3+, so this update ruins the viability of a lot of vehicles. Can I propose changing the brackets to

5.3 - 6.7
7.0 - 8.3

I think this makes a lot more sense with current vehicle distribution.

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it’s fine the 9.7 z9w only has four of them and ty90 is not as good as before. plus the atgm on the chinese helis are useless so it has to be good at something else, basically I see this as a 9.7 flying spaa lol.

As far as aviation is concerned:

  • Re.2005 series 0: leave it where it is at BR 5.7 is a vehicle already suffering from overBR.
  • If the Italian Tornado ADV goes up in BR then the MIG-23MLD and MIG-27k must also go up in BR.
  • G. 56 is another Italian aircraft that suffers from overBR you should lower it to BR 6.3
  • This is how the BR of Italian aircraft in Rank V and IV should be.

The main problems of Italian aviation are these:


exactly, u can kill z19 with vikhr further than using ty90 to kill ka50, and ty90 cant even lock on to ka52 and mi28, z-19 and z-19e should go 10.7 for china to form a nice 10.7 lineup

Talking about lodout, we don’t have realistic lodout from 1.0 to 12.0. Basically every Italian aircraft is missing at least one weapon if not more than 2. And the BR is just too damn higt and if You combine this with very higt repair cost we are done. is like gaijin doesn’t want no one play Italian tt so they make Italian viechles that irl are very good at an painful br with too hight repair cost and missing weapons.


Heya, dont know if someone mentioned it already, but why should the conquerer be 7.7, while things like the leo go up to 8.0.
The leo got a great gun, but its armor is pretty weak, the conq got great armor (against ww2 vehicles and thats the main reason for this change), got a stabi and a great gun. I think it should go up to 8.0 as well.

As well, consider the IS-3 that should go up to 7.3. If I could choose between a T-29 and a IS-3, I would always take the IS. Its armor and mobility is great and the gun is good enough for that BR (look at IS-6 having the same gun)

And the ZSU-2-37, since all AA goes up, this radar AA should go up as well.

Why does the wiesel go up? It is a pretty bad tank hunter and a worser R3 for the air.

And pls either give the ZSU 57 the light or tankdestroyer role or move it up in BR to 7.3 or 7.7. Its a cold war tank thats a better IFV then most IFVs on this BR (I rather use a ZSU, then a marder)
The WZ should go up in BR as well, since it got VT grenades.

Another tank, absent from the list, is the T114. That thing should be 7.7, its great and a “modern” vehicle.

Obj 268 should go to 7.0. In no world, is this fast and armored TD better then the Jagdtiger. It got the frontal armor of a IS-3 and that tank is 7.0 at the moment.

Oh and the BKAN can be 7.0 or even 7.3. Its a fast fire Arty with VT grenades and the power of no armor. Even in Arcade it is 7.0.

That world be my wishes.

P.S. maybe some other tanks should get reload buffs as well, not just the russian tanks.
Why does the Maus/E-100 for example, got a slower reload rate then the sturer emil. He got only one loader. Or the Obj 268. It has a bigger gun and a smaller reloead, despite being cramped as hell inside.

Why the T-90 keeps 10.7 and the M1A1 and IPM1 are 11.0?


because T-90 is worse than M1A1 and IPM1.

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Honestly i agree with a lot of changes but some of the major things to be considered is that a lot of things that moved up in BR are gonna be seeing current 10.3 vehicles that are gonna demolish everything. In my honest opinion as a 2013 veteran i would move the BR to 12.0 altogether for ground BR and try to decompress everything a bit. Or just change the BR matchmaker to look for 0.7 br range matches

Hopefully mean the Striker.

Strela should also be 9.7 like the other ir sams surely?

Ever heard of the KV-1B? xD

I agree!!! There is no good reason for it to be rank II as you described. I don´t want to even mention it faces 4.7 soviets all the time. Especially when this tank is for real money.

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T-90 has good ammo and good protection and it seems unfair that the T-90 keeps 10.7


I think you dont own T-90A…
It has really bad armor, a terrible reverse speed of 4 km/h and a very bad -4 depression gun.

Ozelot: no uptier to 9.7
There is no reason it should be the same BR as the Gepard 1A2. Having both at 9.7 makes the Ozelot entirely obsolete, especially since Stingers are quite weak and the Gepard has guns and an actual radar.
The Strela is also still at a lower BR with better missiles.

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No Striker is elsewhere in the table going from 8.0 to 8.3.