G.91 R/4 missing armament

Copy of the report made on the old forums regarding the missing armament on the R/4

The G.91 R/4 ingame currently features an incorrect selection of armaments.

Ingame we have 2 R/4s one in the German TT and one in the Italian TT, they could both receive these improvements:
-12xRP-3 rockets (6 x pylon)
I also suggest to correct the current rocket load:
In the manual it lists 100x2in rockets (62 on inner pylons and 38 on outer pylons), unfortunately I couldn’t find the version of the launcher.

The Portuguese R/4 featured in the italian TT should also receive:
-4-tube custom launcher for FFAR 2.75" (70mm) rockets (Mk4 or a licensed version)
-6-tube custom launcher for FFAR 2.75" (70mm) rockets (Mk4 or a licensed version)


5430 - Fiat G91-R/4 - Portugal - Air Force


I recommend you make a Bug Report for this problem.

Maybe they will listen to you and fix the problem.

It’s a copy of a report, I just didn’t want for it to get lost with the move to the new forums.

In that case, better to add a link to the original report given it’s still accessible with 2 years.

tbf the G.91R.4 is not the only G.91 with missing armaments

The pre & R.1 is missing it’s HVAR’s
The R.3 is missing it’s extra rocketpods
and don’t even get me started on the Y’s

The G.91’s of all kinds need to get most if not all of their armaments now especially considering that they have custom loadouts now