Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

Boo hoo, some of the best 5.7 mediums finally move to 6.0.

Sounds like German main crying.

the KV-1Zis5 does not need to go up, its got an anemic gun and armor that is vulnerable to the german 75. Keep it at 4.3

The KV-85 also doesnt need to go up due to its poor armor and massive 40mm turret ring bulge weakspot

The IS-2s are also just not that good and dont need to go up. The 122’s reload is so long that the gun isnt that good at 5.3, and its pen just isnt enough for 6.3.

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You’re not even at a level in-game where you can see the object 279 yet. Your opinion is irrelevant.

Please do not move the J6K1 to 6.3, it has the most mid-performance compared to other 6.0 prop fighters. It’s fine where it is. It’s my most played vehicle; I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about here. If I’m not, please show me what statistics you guys are using.

Also the Type 89 should not move up. That is freaking crazy. It only has 4 atgms which wobble like crazy, and has gen 1 thermals. Why the hell is this going to face 10.0 vehicles in an uptier??

I edited mine, i refined it to the imo most important, and have thrown some stuff.

Please dont raise the BR for the M26. It is in the right place now it is fighting heavy tanks all the time. If you lift the BR to 6.7 there is no reason to use the tank any more as you have plenty of heavy tanks at that BR. At 6.3 it makes a nice lineup with T25 and the Bulldog(M41A1). If BR the raise is implemented the whole lineup is royally cocked.


Moving a 4.7 tank to 5.0 doesn’t make the 5.0 lineup stronger. If they moved the jumbo down to 5.0, then that would make it stronger

will the AH-6M at least get its zoom back when at 10.3 ?
Also, why dont you just make 12.3 or 13.0 and move everything so it is more spaced ?

Could you give sweden tracers back for the draken and ja37 so you actually see were you are aming with the gunbs and how far you are off.

M26: 6.3 → 6.7

What is wrong with the M26 that it needs to be raised to 6.7? Also, the T26E5 is at the same BR which is much better protection-wise.


BMP-2M needs to go to 10.3 BR with it’s 30mm APFSDS darts, 2nd Gen Thermals and 8 ATGMs that can be fired on the move. This thing has absolutely no business at 9.3.

DM33 for the Leopard 2A4 when?

Also, as said many times before, the BR ranges need to decompress.
It makes no sense to get Helicopters like the G-LYNX to 10.3 when I get constantly a full uptier with my 9.3 lineup and even with a 9.7 lineup I have no means to bring a G-Lynx down from more than 4km away.

In Arcade Tiger H1、Tiger (animal) at 5.3 and T95 at 7.0 is appropriate.
The biggest problem is KV220 and Object279.

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Object 279 needs higher br too, almost nothing can pen it front and very problematic sides. In my opinion this deserve 9.0 if not 9.3

Speaking about T-26-4, the whole Rank 1 could use BR decompression as well.

I recently started playing Russian and British tree and
T-26-4 is obviously significantly worse than many other vehicles like BT-5, A13 or Tetrarch despite being the same 1.0 BR. Russian 1.0 AAs same thing.

Honestly, I find this important, as we are talking new player experience here, so this could decide whether new player sticks with the game or leave it after first try.

Yes the Bmp 2M needs to go up

That would make the leopard be 10.7 and then you could face 11.7

Usually when I see Gaijin release BR changes I very much approve of them.
These BR changes I absolutely hate. I am a Ground RB player so I will only be discussing the changes affecting these modes.

-Germany 5.3 and 5.7 already has an insanely low win rate. These vehicles are fine where they are. They do not need a BR increase. Tigers and Panthers definitely should not receive an increase.

-Russia 6.0 and 6.3 also does not need a BR increase. Tanks like the IS-2 may have decent armor but they have their fair share of weak points plus the insanely long reload. They are absolutely fine where they are and do not need to be able to see 7.3 and even 7.7 tanks.

-KV-85 is fine where it is. Has a good gun but its armor is pretty much the same as the KV1S which is 0.7 BRs lower than it. German tanks do not have an issue penetrating the KV-85.

-Centurion 2 is fine where it is. It has a gun that creates weak spalling with APDS that shatters whenever it encounters angled or sloped armor. It does not need a BR increase.

-Char 25t and AMX-50 have insanely terrible penetration at BR7.3 already. You are basically screwed if you encounter a heavy tank frontally such as T32 or IS3. Definitely does not need a BR increase.

These are just a few mentions. I feel many of the sub 7.0 tanks on that list absolutely do not need a BR increase and are fine where they are.


Hmm bumping all the Hellfire equipped helicopters while this missile remains highly disfunctional?

Agreed, the Hanomag JPZ is stupid good at 6.3, I think a long time ago it was 6.7

This guy’s suggestion comment is just stupid, Jagdtiger and Tiger 2H to 7.0 are incredibly stupid.

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Bring Ki-61 Hein back to tier 3

To be fair, you could play 4.7 Sherman with 4.0 and 4.3 AAs acting like a light tanks with their decent firepower vs ground targets.

But moving sherman to 5.0 just puts 4.3 AA in even more awkward spot as now you have to play it in 5.0 lineup, despite being less useful than 4.0 thanks to its awful -3° gun depression.

So, if they move sherman to 5.0 the should also lower 4.3 AA to 4.0, so it could be played in 4.0 lineup, because there is no way somebody would sabotage already struggling 4.0 lineup, by putting mediocre 4.3 AA into it.