Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

This is precisely a very ridiculous balance, when a vehicle is popular it is focused and raised to a higher br, but when it becomes less powerful? It will still continue to be mentioned as higher BR, just like PUMA, 8.3 PUMA is admittedly too strong, but does any developer dare to stand up and say that they have seriously played 10.0 PUMA and think it is very reasonable in 10.0?

Another hilarious example is the Italian CL13, which I think I don’t need to say more, but it just shows how ridiculous it is for Gaijin to balance BR based on player stats, there are too many unpopular vehicles that are never taken seriously by GAIJIN, and even sometimes Gaijin feels that it is currently as strong as several versions or even a few years ago.

This time GAIJIN lowered the MIG21SPSK to 9.7, it has FLARE R60M good maneuvering, so GAIJIN has considered whether the 9.7 G91YS MIG23BN HunterF6 Q5L is as strong as the MIG21SPSK? I don’t think so

The “meta” answer is that you shouldn’t use heavies in a full uptier, and either go for vehicles that have high mobility since you’re not gonna get anything out of the armour you have anyway, or for specialised tank destroyers whose derp guns remain competitive even at higher BRs. And broadly speaking, that makes sense, it’s the reason why I use LeK and JPz in full uptiers from 6.7 to 7.7, a lot more than I use the late WW2 heavies I would otherwise like to play - those are inevitably second choice if it’s a full uptier.

So, let’s apply this logic to the “fire” 6.0 German lineup. We find ourselves in a full uptier, so let’s go with a light vehicle, possibly a postwar vehicle since there are several at and around this BR, for example we could spawn in the… never mind.

Fortunately, we have plenty of tank destroyers. So, let’s take one that can pen the IS-3 from the front, which is… oh, the Sturer Emil alone.

Yeah, it’s a great lineup alright. :D

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yea i was also thinking about playing some helies… i apologize

gaijin said so

thats how research work you research one vehicle and use the ones you already have

Actually, that is how thoughtless players play (objectively you will play better by making the best possible lineup out of all available vehicles).

There are much better vehicles to use than the Tiger E between that and the KTs. So doing so is gimping oneself/team ON PURPOSE. So you can see why I have no faith in parts of this community.

Why should the game suffer because some players have no patience at all?

If you can get gameplay evidence, you should bug report it if it was for some reason an exception to the bug fix. But the bug you described really sounds like the missles before the fix, so I’d really recommend giving it another go if you haven’t.

The current Tiger 2 is still fighting the 1947 version that didn’t get moved at 7.7, once they moved it up to 7.0 then he gonna see more T-54s, just be prepared to aim for the credit card-sized turret cheek spot that the 88mm can pen.

Bruh, they move the br of type 16 and centauro to 9.3 and 9.7 but not the wma and ptl02?
Also the br of the type 69 II G got increased from 8.7 to 9.0 but the t 55 am stay at 8.7?

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Atleast the Tiger 2 P atleast has the benefit of better acceleration due to having less weight (not much, but for heavier tanks, every single power-to-weight ratio matters) and its turret can still sometimes bounce some shots when shot too high. And they’re mostly the same tank anyways.

OBJ279 8.7-9.0
KV220 5.7-6.0
KV1E 4.0-4.3 Follow KV1ZIS5
Magach5 8.0-8.3 Similar performance to M48A2G

M26 6.7? Why? Same BR with T26E5, Tiger II H and Panther II


so basically, you’ll be bringing back the BR compression. well done!
Tiger 2H is still at 6.7 when it’s easily a 7.0 tank.

Yeah. Very nice. Now i fight in Tigers and Panthers vs. an IS3. I dont play this shit. I just leave the match if i see that i fight 7.0. This isnt fun at all.
What makes Germany a joy to play now? My 5.7 Setup ist dead now.

Boykott? I would do.

So the br decompresion was bs i gues .

That is simply not true and you know it. Of course it’s not yet to the same point as 6.7, where knowing a diverse array of weakspots by muscle memory is absolutely essential to doing well. Even so, there’s several vehicles at that BR range that you meet frequently and can’t expect to lolpen. Not unless you want to go back to the hangar quite quickly. You must at the very least be able to memorise a few crucial common weakspots like Soviet lower front plates, pre angled hull cheeks depending on positioning, etc.

Thanks for providing another example of the hilarious cognitive dissonance I already remarked upon.

Agreed on Tigers, disagree on Panthers. They don’t play the same way at all. Tigers are very reactive to threats that may crop up on them, which is what makes them very good flankers - I already use them as such, my friends and I jokingly refer to Tigers as “the M18s” because even at their current BRs playing them like heavies is asking for suicide. And balance wise I understand that: being so mobile, they’d be OP if they were as protected as “true heavies”. Which is why I’m ok with Tiger H1 to 5.7. But Tiger E to 6.0 is nonsense to me. Just like the Jumbo 76 is currently overtiered.

Heavy tanks in this game keep getting shafted.

Panthers on the other hand, especially after the speed nerf, are not great flankers. They’re marginally faster than Tigers in top speed, but take a while to get there, have generally worse turret rotation, less explosive filler, and the nonexistent reverse means a much higher risk of overcommitment. Panthers are basically fast, turreted tank destroyers. They excel at long range frontal engagements where their armour strength is maximised, and the sheer pen of the gun (as much at 1km as the Tiger has point blank) can make a real difference. Of course, in WT maps, they rarely get to use these strengths, but that’s an issue for another thread.

They’re best played like they have none at all. And at 6.0 I guess that will be literally true.

Right. Meanwhile the KV 220 is staying at 5.7 and that’s without going into their postwar vehicles at and around these BRs and their capabilities.

It’s not just “slightly” more well armoured. It is significantly more well-armoured. Of course, it pays the price for that by also being immensely slower than the JT.

No real opinion on it possibly being 6.7. It’s got so much armour that against wartime kinetic ammo it’s kind of BR-agnostic, so long as the cupola is pennable I suppose it wouldn’t really change much if it’s downtiered.

Good question.


Lol. Lmao, even. Yes, Tiger IIs are literally as competitive as Somuas and IS-6s…

Absolutely not. The Dicker Max sacrifices everything for firepower, that is only a tradeoff you take if its firepower matters, ergo it’s only a tradeoff you take if you’re meeting heavily armoured vehicles that you specialise in taking out. By putting it against vehicles that it overkills, that are fast and can easily push it, you’d be nerfing it, not buffing it.

It’s a gun with 248mm of flat pen. What use does it have at 3.7? Literally what tank will you meet in that BR range that is so heavy that only the Sturer can deal with it?

You’re missing the point of these vehicles.

Should be 7.0.

The former should stay at 6.7. The latter can be 7.0, though I’d slightly buff its reload.

Easier said than done. Hard to separate the vehicles from their operators, when trying to evaluate them. And statcards are subject to interpretation.

Blacklisting stops them from messaging you, but you can still encounter them in battles. Just FYI.

Yes. That’s one issue that gets constantly overlooked. Same reason why I never spawn Ferdis in my 6.7 lineup.

What’s the point of having a vehicle in the game if it’s not worth spawning in?

It would be worth giving it a shot.

I suppose the VIDAR being originally brought in at 7.7 and now only being brought up by 0.3 should have been all the warning we needed to conclude what was gonna happen.

What about all the 9.0 jets and the Italian G.91Y and G.91YS? those could use some love. I don’t even see anyone play the G.91Y/YS because they fight stuff they don’t have much of a chance against.

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YaG-10 3.7 to 4.0 AB i have seen this thing survive so much machine gun fire while other TD’s like it get destroyed.

KV-2 3.7-4.0 AB these need to go up now.

Breda 501 4.7! no no no this thing gets wrecked after a few machine gun rounds putting it to 4.7 in AB is a joke.

Kinda crazy how the Ozelot and gepard with stingers are the same BR. Makes literally zero sense

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These are some weird changes. The Type 87 RCV has no chance at 9.0, it was barely effective at 8.7, Type 89 also makes little sense at 9.0.

Why is the Ho-Ri Production still at 7.3

Next why is the Chinese M60A3TTS at 9.0 when it has no ERA and no M774 like the American one which has both and at the same BR.

As said, weird changes, wont do much good to the game, this will just not make me play certain vehicles anymore.


Man these changes are absolutely awful. While they say they’re decompressing BRs, they turn right around and compress mid tier into a massive clump. Like come on, does the regular M26 really need to be facing 7.7s or the Tiger 2p which is a really easy kill with it’s turret variant. It’s bad enough that around the 5.3-7.0 range there’s several HEAT-FS slingers that should not be anywhere near WW2 equipment. Gaijin you need to actually play your game instead of looking at just the statistics.