Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

The only reason I can think of that it’s at 6.3 is that the stock version is stuck with the HESH, which still isn’t bad.

But seriously, how this thing sits at a lower BR than barely moving bunkers with long reloads is something I’ll never understand.

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Wyvern still at 4.0 in RB… just NO!


1)You can kill anyhting with anything if they make mistakes and you are in the right advantage.
2)F2g Dosent have an airbrake,F2G flaps dont even open above a certain speed,F2G Prop pitch cant be used as an airbrake either.
3)F8F same can be said about F2G or any other plane,drag it out of its environment and kill it.
Your arguments are either unfounded,ingoring the other half of the post or whataboutism of ideal situations.

Tigers can comfortably handle themselves at BR’s higher than 6.0 even. They have opportunities to bounce most things at their current BR. Something most other tanks cannot do. Tigers also have a round that requires almost no aiming again something other nations at that BR cannot do. Face it Germany WW2 has had it real good for a looooooong time. Seal clubbing days are over.

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I’m glad there are attempts at somewhat decompressing for air rb, however as someone who play ARB mainly, the following points would help alot more with making this game fun for everyone playing ARB.

  1. The Brs between ARB and GRB need to be split.
  2. Over 7.0+ to 12.3 we need to make it so there are only 0.7 uptiers and downtiers.
  3. All Aspects Should not in any case verse planes under 10.0, therefore for ARB Su-25 aswell as A10 Must be moved to 10.7 which would deny them from versing 9.7s with the 0.7 uptiers and downtiers change.
  4. 11.3+ ARB needs 10v10 or 8v8 matches, currently the “snowball effect” for top tier ARB is so bad that no matter skill of you as an individual player there is close to nothing you can do if your team loses 3 more players than the enemy team which makes it so that if it turns into a 12v16 someone in your team will be 1v3d, if he dies next person 1v4, next one 1v5 and so on which is amplified alot worse at 12.3 as 10v10 would solve this problem or make it alot more dependent on skill to win games.
    Note: for anyone grinding current Rank 6 which for a majority of nations will notice that 9.0-10.0 is an absolute Blackhole planes such as the Hunter F1 can do absolutely nothing against an aware Su-25 and even less against an A-10
    A Br cap can also be added at certain brs to give more breathing room for which brs at the moment i cannot say.
    As of now, examples of planes that are suffering horribly to the current A10 and Su25 situation are most 9.0 and 9.3 planes, for example the British Lightning is completely amazing in downtiers but stand no chance against a F5C in uptiers as for 96% of 9.3s if versing a somewhat skilled F5 player. 0.7 uptiers and downtiers for that br would remove this issue and allow for the F5C to be moved to 10.7 and still face the same planes it does in the current matchmaking with the 0.7 rule but deny it to verse any 9.3s and In a full downtier only verse 10.0s which actually can efficiently deal with it.

RU vehicles at top BR are undeniably favoured balance wise. It’s the players who play them making them look ok. The past 6 months maybe longer I see more braindead “the vehicles op so it plays itself” gameplay from RU than you get from 5.7 Ger players. The vehicles are purposely broken the bad players balance the W/R. Exactly why you don’t balance purely off W/R.

Like always destroying 5.7 br. I just want to know how gaijin thinks when they decided to move tigers and panthers to 6.0? Facing cold war tanks again?

The single reason why so many German mains do poorly in Tigers, is precisely that they expect this to happen. In my experience, Tigers are far more effective when you assume they have no armour at all… because that’s often true. Save for the rare full downtier (remember that 75% of our games are uptiers), you will meet plenty of guns that will trivialise your protection, angle or not, and the cupola on the H1 in particular is always going to be crippling when hit.

Try that against IS-2s, Jumbos, and ISU 152s, let me know how that goes.

The Pz IVs don’t need to worry about weakspots (and are quite likely at too low a BR), but to think playing German 5.7 requires zero knowledge of weakspots is pure fantasy.

Schroedinger’s Germany. It’s at once the worst nation in the game and a seal clubber. Got it.

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Destroying 5.7 br like always. I just want to know how gaijin think when they decided to move tigers and panthers to 6.0? Like u guys rly want them to face cold war tanks while they cant even jumbos

Great firepower and good sights
If staying get rid of the 3BM60 and give it 3BM46 instead

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Please don’t move the Tigers and Panther up. You moved them down because they were not preforming at 6.7 so why move them back up. The whole point of the Tigers and panther is that they have good armor and a good gun. the enemy just needs to learn to use the right ammo and aim right.

It has already been acknowledged as a bug since 2 months back: Community Bug Reporting System (in russian, but still reported)

I don´t get it, what was the point of getting the HEAT slingers away from the WW2 stuff to just undo it in next one.
Tiger 1 moving up is just not needed, especially when the KV-220 stays for no reason. Same with the
Why is the Pershing moving up that thing is so avarage at best.
If the point is to decompress 4.3-4.7-5.7 then the max BR need to increase first to make make room for changes in the first place.
Vehicles you missed are KA-50 and Obj.279.

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But magnifying glass: Tiger II (P) → 3.5X, Tiger II (H) → 5X

How about SB changes?

With RWR rework there are lot of planes now on higher end of BR spectrum that are no longer suitable for being there.

There are planes that fight enemies with long-range BVR missiles that have RWR that does not detect enemy radars which basically puts them at massive disadvantage

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M26 series going to 6.7 is not worth it, please reconsider this BR change.

Looks like tiger and panther players now need to learn to use the right ammo and aim right

Don’t use thunder skill. It’s a horrible source for information.

And I’m on your side about the 279 being OP as hell.

Panthers and Tigers don’t get punished as much as others at that BR for mistakes. I don’t think they are overpowered but I do think the overall layout of BR’s creates a weird dynamic at that BR. Maybe its the players panic shooting them, maybe its the vehicles they face be inferior, maybe it’s something else. I don’t know exactly as I don’t care much for that BR range and when I do play it Tigers and Panthers die easily, I aim accordingly.

Its fine at 10.7

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