Plane scourge upon us lowly open tops

i dont really like that planes still just serve as a cheap way to get kills on people, it takes skill to fly sure but when youre over an open top or some light tank there is No skill in holding m1 and spraying down someone just trying to live their life, its not nice and i dont like planes existing in general, even if they have some place in this game. ideally they just wouldnt exist, and we’d have a pure ground gamemode where i can actually have fun, instead of this, and to be honest cas isnt as big of an issue if you look at it just as a scourge on all tanks, in the form of the existance of planes, sure making cas way more expensive would make cas less prelevent but the main issue is anyone who wants to use a lightly armoured vehicle, and they (including me ofcourse) cant use them because there will always be some dweeb in a peashooter gunning for you cause they cant do anything else


I dont like how when i play tanks - there are always other tanks shooting me…

We all suffer the same fate sometimes but don’t be deterred, I am sure you can overcome this - just not always.


figure out some bethods that help you not get killed by air, repeat them, get better

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ill give you one, change position after firing or killing someone

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tanks v tanks is obvious i dont think you understand the issue of the eye of sauron being above at every moment

i should try that the next time the great metal flying beast is above me, all knowing, all seeing, while that is good advice for not dying to tanks, which, admittedly, i should do, (but barely do cus im 2 lazy) it doesnt work against yknow… great big metal flying beast thats above and can seemingly shoot at me from above

haha - not true.
Locating targets while in the air is VERY difficult - add in the fact that you have spaa shooting you and 1 or more hostile aircraft up - can you afford to scan for ground targets?
If so - ignoring other threats to locate a tank can get you killed.
My pet peeve is the shitty suicide bombers who carry the bomb into you because they do not have the mental capacity to press spacebar without killing themselves.
Utilise the terrain mate, periodically check the air for hostiles and importantly - DONT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE TO SPAWN SPAA - You know air is coming - prepare.
Target identification is difficult when flying, timing your guns and ranges and dropping the bomb from correct angle and altitude is not easy - capitalise on that.
Also - if enemy aircraft is coming at you and you see it coming - narrow that angle - drive toward and underneath him to make his engagement more difficult and more risky - saved my life many times.
Naturally this isnt the answer to every instance, accept that - keep calm and carry on.

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Oh look a CAS spammer downplaying how strong CAS is.

‘‘You know air is coming - prepare’’ so i should only play the game in cas and hide behind rocks in order to not die from it? if im in a tank, i mostly like to focus on the tank stuff please and thanks, and not be at constant risk of a plane seeing me, me not knowing that im gonna die in 2 seconds and then see a bomb drop next to me, ruining the already horrendously unenjoyable game im playing. in my case, in early game most spaas cant really do much to most tanks unless ofcourse, its annoying open tops and light tanks which is a reuccuring issue in not very fun mechanics, odd innit… and from my own experience plane players are relentless and will never stop, until they die at the very least, however the rest of your advice is pretty valuable, im still not saying flying planes isnt difficult, its incredibly hard, and playing them well is also… hard, but spawning in a plane at the start of a match and harassing an open top isnt all too difficult when its just you versus a few guys with machine guns, also i will never keep calm i will continue getting more than incredibly mad at a silly russian tank game that gives me depression please and thank you, i should really do that ‘‘move more’’ thing though

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i’m just saying that based on past experiences - you are fully aware the enemy will come in with planes.
If you are willing to ignore what you already know and carry on regardless, its not gonna help you.
I am not saying spawn spaa at start but maybe consider it after your 1st death based on what has happened so far and what you see in the air.
Thats all.
Imagine if we all had that mindset, even the enemy.
“I will only play this and do this and nothing is gonna stop me and i expect that MY method should always work and my method should always win without casualty” - - - - fine - - - -now apply that that to literally everyone in the match - - - - think of what that would be like . . . . .

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that would be rather hilarious but also add i hate all of my teammates and i will constantly flip flop between being helpful and or not stealing kills whenever i feel like it and you essentially have how i play, i honestly dont try much and it sometimes works out, even if the game is horrendous regardless of what i do i still get very flamed up from it, also also planes arent THAT much of an issue, its mostly just stupid mistakes in a tank v tank or cas still being annoying as all hell

It is not, especially that from certain distance terrain doesn’t render properly, leaving tanks in plain sight.

SPAA would need to stand near the ground unit in order to make a difference.

SPAA mostly in this game doesn’t stand a chance against air units. Most of the time the ordinance of the aircraft doesn’t need to land on the target, just near it (overpressure on open SPAAs). At 8.0 You don’t stand a chance against a heli that sits outside of Your effective range.

The only solution to air is to bring the air after You die. But the problem is that people would like to be able to do something while still not dying.

Yes it is. Maybe jets+ but most sub-8.0 aircraft are going to be low (comparatively) and not get this terrain not rendering issue. Chances are requires certain graphics settings as most ground are nigh on invisible to me and players are spotted when they act/react.

Good luck to all those that can, but is not the case for all. The settings of other players is just pure guesswork. If I’ve popped someone with ground or air it is not with “competitive” settings.

Tough luck since that has never been how WT plays. Since soneone always dies first, and usually relatively early, why can’t they spawn the vehicle to protect your vehicle? - selfishness is a curse! That’s the failure of players knowing how to access a team game; too many 1 v 1 muppets trying to be the hero.

Please try something before talking.

Some terrain doesn’t render at a dinstances even lower than 2km (no matter the settings).

So You tell me that everytime You die, You spawn a vechicle to support the team? I would love to see that.

No need to be rude. Try something before talking yourself since you are wrong. You use bombs/rockets/cannons over 2km range? Sorry, I can’t see them nor aim THAT well. I would love to see Triplex and RP-3s hit at 2km on a moving target!

I try to yes. Since I play to play and not grind I have no issue attempting the team game if the side is willing. In regards to air I might not get in quick enough or mess my shot of course.

Since CAS suppsedly ruins every match I’m usually first to counter it (not always there in all honesty). Not as if I have hidden the fact and mentioned this multiple times before.


So now we are talking about fighting not spotting the target? Please stay on topic.

Both are on the menu. Spotting then shooting, or do you spot then land and bring a tank out. But anyway, vehicles do not show up for me that easily, but do understand it does happen from vids on youtube and usually higher end of the tiers.

If You don’t understand the difference then that is not my problem.

If You spot the enemy because terrain doesn’t render You won’t forget where he stood.

I beg to differ buddy.