People will still 1 death leave. The issue was never repair costs

Or maybe You should kill more enemies before You die, as it would mean that You took more than You gave.


You stay in game, spawn again, move a bit out of the spawn and get insta killed AGAIN.
This shouldn’t happen, even realistically

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Going on to Warthunder somewhat habitually,running into the Down tier after a minute and dying,then realizing you are in no mood for this crud and turning it off.That is probably what you are witnessing.

Then you go again two hours later in a better mood,more chilled out and loving it as the kill tally mounts.
That is the way it is.

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Repair Costs, limited Parts, and FPE(at one time). Etc. were all issues, 1 death leave is only one of many issues it isn’t the primary issue though. I’ve seen matches where we are merely a quarter of the enemy team and we still managed to win against them. Simply because we were covering each other’s backs, repairs, etc.

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I just left after zero deaths.Spawned a German Heavy in WW2(Porsche Tiger) and got the modern Sun City map.
Drove in the dark at 5 MPH or whatever it does ,couldn’t see an enemy as other players got 3 or 4 kills around me somewhere and I got bored and turned the game off…Sorry !

dont do that… if you call him out on anything… he just blocks you

He shared a screenshot of a game complaining about losing a game because of too many planes on his team , but in the screenshot… he had 1 kill, 1 assist and 1 capture (Which was probably a partial)

soo i said… maybe dont post a screenshot complaining about losing when you basically did nothing to help win

I find mywelf 1DL if I see a lvl 9 in 5.3 perfectly shooting across the map with perfect weakspot knowledge on a tank he doesn’t even own/isn’t available in the tech tree.

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If your team is suddenly cut by 3-4 players then you have a huge disadvantage and you cant play as well as you would with more support from team mates.


Why not leave after one death the game is often a done deal after a few minutes why feed your time and finite supply of silver lions into feeding somebodies ego.
It is just a random set of events with no skill or reality, it is best just to treat the game as such, try not to engage or connect with it and sink time and money into it, like an abusive partner it will only hurt and let you down time after time.
Just pop in dick around, buy some stuff and leave, it is what the company desires, it keeps the queue and games time short and increases their bottom line.


Oh man I wonder why I shouldn’t 1 death leave, the game almost encourages it at this point putting me against obvious cheaters, 3 replays in a row I’ve had 3-4 guys with aimbot, this only ever happens when I try to do daily tasks.

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The game is definitely not a done deal within a few minutes… I won countless games with comebacks. Leaving games early is completely inconsiderate to team mates. PERIOD.


That is the only option if you decide to go into the battle.

General Patton got a good quote for that:

“No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”


Yeah, and after that he let his man charge onto a fortified position…

I bet he accidentaly forgot to mention that you need other dumb people to make other dumb people die.

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I am leaving after one kill in some instances

  • My teammate pushed my IDF vehicle into the line of fire. Happens very frequently in the last 3 weeks!
  • If my teammates continuously firing at my IDF vehicle instead of following the course of the battle I J-out too. Not even waiting for getting killed once
  • My teammate leave me alone and do not help against opponents tends to happen 3vs1(2)
  • Spawn camping after first 2-3min.

In some cases I will decide to take the KFir an go into orbit or eventually focus with my AH64A on aircrafts only.

All my j-out are related to spawn camping or childish teamplay


1DL is related to 2 things.

  • People buying their way to top tier with premiums
  • Being angry and frustrated.

There’s nothing wrong with being frustrated with this game. however, some people are angry all the time because they are quitters.

Quitter mindset is what kills the fun not only in ground RB, but also in air RB where people run to airfield AA from a winning position because [insert excuse here]. You will never have a fun comeback game if you leave before you’re out of vehicles, but many people seem not to realize this.

Getting spawncamped is frustrating, but that can’t be 1DL by default because to get spawncamped you have to die and be driving out of spawn in 99% of cases.

Skill bonuses are the best thing gaijin has done to fix this. If I have 5 kills and I’m thinking about leaving the match, I’m going to come back just so I can get that 1 extra kill so i can get my 50% extra RP. And I hope that a lot of newer players will do the same thing so they can get to that 3 kill bonus.

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Without contradicting the rest of your post, this part I doubt. If it were 50% of your real RP-income, this might work. But if you are a 1DL with premium vehicle and premium account, “50%” is more like 10%, as it is not modified. And the difference to what you get with 5 kills is so marginal, I wouldn’t pick it up from the floor for free.


The issue of high-tier premium ODL is not so easily fixed. These players often ODL because they have no second vehicle and this is not a problem that can be solved.

What’s especially frustrating is when people leave early and take their full lineup with them. Skill bonuses appeal more to these people, not premium noobs.

I’m not saying that skill bonus will fix the problem, but it could make it better. Ultimately it’s a mindset issue.

It is quite simple, skill bonuses will appeal most to free players, as for them, they are relatively big.