High tier Sweden: What's left?

Here is some things that I would like added. Source: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/modern/sweden
“TriKA, a version of the Bofors TRIDON anti-aircraft system mounted on a modified Volvo articulated hauler. Photo: Ointres.se”

The AMOS, a dual 120mm mortar developed by Sweden and Finland.

CV90 Mk.4

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Saw that it was on here, but the STRV-2000 would fit with all the high caliber MBT prototypes.
I would also love the kranvagn proto with the centurion turret and maybe the designed oscillating turret one as wrll

Unlike the Strv-2K, other 140mm prototypes did at least exist in forms other than cardboard or a full sized model.

Still hoping and praying for my beloved Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111. On a serious note, however, I would be slightly interested to see a Swedish Leopard 1 make an appearance as a premium vehicle or some such as it was tested at one point. I have no idea when, where, how, why, etc it was, but I dug up a few pictures of a Leopard 1 in FOA camouflage (predecessor to M90).

Patria AMV with bmp3 turret.

Patria AMV35

Patria AMOS

Patria NEMO


Patria with Lockheed Martin turret

Patria CRO30L

Sisu XA-203 AMOS

Sisu XA-185 TOW2


Whole Finnish subtree could pretty much just be ifv’s and annoying cars with autocannons.


Um this is a poster from SFMH

And this would be what the finnish TT should have been instead of Copy-Paste


It’s from the Arsenalen building I thought.

Arsenalen is supported by SFHA, i have that whole poster myself its huge. Right now its located in my dust proof IKEA drawer, untill i get a frame that is big enough to fit the thing. there is like 140 vehicles total(both in-service and tests and prototypes.), from 1930-2004? i believe.

Living about one hour from both Arsenalen and the Aviation museum is great!

What is SFHA? Short its Sweden´s goverment supported museums


Sveriges militärhistoriska arv

Sveriges militärhistoriska arv är ett nätverk bestående av ett antal statliga och statligt stödda museer. Statens försvarshistoriska museer och Statens maritima och transporthistoriska museer leder och stöder det gemensamma nätverket. Museerna är spridda över hela landet och huvuddelen behandlar Sveriges försvar under det kalla kriget. Ett mindre antal är inriktade på äldre tider.

Sweden’s military historical heritage

Sweden’s military historical heritage is a network consisting of a number of state and state-supported museums. The State Defense History Museums and the State’s Maritime and Transport History Museums lead and support the joint network. The museums are spread all over the country and the majority deal with Sweden’s defense during the Cold War. A smaller number are focused on older times.

Yeah, I knew it was something like that. That’s cool though:

I feel like pretty much everything in top tier that isn’t from Norway or Denmark is going to be CV90s and Patrias from now on
At least until Gaijin decided to go for even more modern MBTs

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Well we could get a bunch of Anti air missiles carriers

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Yea and i gaijin is fine with (realistic) paper vehicles as a last resort the STRV-140/40 and STRV-2000 would be cool

Denmark doing MLU on their CV90s with D-series turret, i can feel the premium tag

I thought the MLU was for only the netherlands, when did Denmark mive to that modification?

They haven’t gotten it yet, only been ordered
i think MLU just stands for Mid-Life-Upgrade and isn’t specifically meant for NL, they just bought/upgrades theirs

Tho i think they use the normal turret rather than the D-series turret

If the leak about the NL cv9035 going to france they’d have the best version which ia dumb cause i want my jaguar not a 9035,but gaijin loves copy paste, depends on if its the mlu or not

Well if you check with the Germans, they really want the CV90NL themselves so i’m confused what the relationship with france is

Germany has crap it can get i try to avoid copy paste if possible. Like the 2a6 and 2a4 for finland was dumb considering they denied the kv-1b and they didnt bother adding more than one unique tank