Paper Vehicles: Should they be added, or forgotten?

I’m alright with paper vehicles/unfinished projects as long as it’s not too crazy. Mainly stuff that are similar or can be based off of existing vehicles.

I wanna see CXP-1001 or project-1006 warship someday.

How is the yak-141 fake. That’s the only prototype plane they actually modeled well

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It was never fitted with a weapons system nor were any loadouts tested.

Just the airframe, engine and basic electronics to ensure proper flight testing.

The game will reach a point where paper vehicles are the only vehicles that can be added, all I ask for when that time comes is that they are grounded in reality and made realistic.

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It was gonna be the new naval aircraft and worked and it deserved to be added even if it got cancelled due the collapse

I think it depends, it should be on a case-by-case basis.

The O-I? Absolutely. Would give Japan at least 1 tech tree heavy tank and there’s ample evidence at least a partial prototype was produced and tested.

The P.43 and its variants? Sure. Gives Italy some unique ~5.0-5.7 vehicles and they all had mockups produced (some 1:1 scale as well).

The E-50 and E-75? No. Not only do we not have information on their turret design, they don’t fill any gaps in the tech tree and they’re just not necessary.

Kranvagn? Yes. Gives Sweden a heavy tank and its hull was produced and tested in full.

I could maybe see a future tree with Czech vehicles adding some of the TVP tanks. Only blueprints were made iirc but it was planned for production. It would stop Gaijin copy-pasting T-54s for them though.

What other fan-favourite paper tanks are there?

Deserved to be added? I disagree. Wasn’t a fully functional prototype, thus it doesn’t pass the " smell test ".

Im preety sure it was functional

Very werid to have a photo of it flying if it didn’t work

Since reading comprehension seems to be something you lack in, I will help you by directing you to my prior post regarding why it doesn’t qualify as a fully functional prototype.


They intended to arm it through

actually, the prototypes were 4 and two still survive

just wanted to specify it

Should be on a nation by nation basis. US and USSR have 0 need for paper vehicles. Britain in contrast has loads of paper vehicles, but few production vehicles. Whilst not all are necessary a limited handful could help fill gaps

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Why should Kikka, VB1002, J7W1, Swift F7, Ar 234 C-3, Ho-229, and XP-50 be removed just cause they didn’t have weapons?

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Certainly, but it never got developed to that point. As such, as far as I am concerned it doesn’t qualify and never should’ve been added with the natural progression being it’s removal from the game along with every other unfinished and untested prototype.

Unfirtunately, I don’t run Gaijin so the likelihood of it happening is next to nil.

wonder what this
and for a paper jet it sure did alot

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it was only canned not due to being a failure but that USSR just split up so they couldn’t make it anymore

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i should also add that in the early 90s both Alenia and British Aerospace showed interest for the Yak-141 as a replacement for the Harrier, sadly nothing came of it.

Around the same time Yakovlev started a cooperation with Lockheed-Martin to help fund the program (Lockheed btw bought the documentation of the Yak-141 and likely used in the JSF program)

insult aren’t needed cause you don’t want this plane in the game

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Pointing out an observation founded on evidence is hardly an insult.

If you don’t like your poor reading comprehension being highlighted, then improve it so you can do a better job with discussions and not come off as an ignorant sod moving goalposts just for the sake of moving goalposts.

Do better for yourself. Reading comprehension is a skill as valuable as gold.