Paper Vehicles: Should they be added, or forgotten?

This post is about if paper vehicles should be added or forgotten. I will list pros and cons about each.

Should paper vehicles be added? Well, in a way, yes, and no. Yes, because it’d allow Gaijin to add many more vehicles, but they’d need to be balanced.

More vehicles
Possible sub tree for these vehicles, so that they don’t interfere with main progression

Need balanced
Not a lot of info on vehicles
Some could be considered too OP, and would need constant reworks

So, should these vehicles, like the O-I or the E-50 be put in the game? Possibly, they can, but there would need to be changes.

One: Add them into their own sub tree so they don’t interfere with the main progression trees (Do not count them toward minimum vehicles needed to progress a rank, but make it to where when they’re purchased, they count toward unlocking the next rank)

Two: Use the best sources (blueprints, first hand experience, etc.)

Now how to implement them:

They could be their own trees (Like how researchable and premiums are separate, add something like this)


When the next rank is unlocked, the previous rank’s blueprint vehicles are unlocked for research, and you need to research the vehicle before it to unlock the next (For example, in order to research the E-75, one must research the E-50)

Alternatively, in order to research the blueprint vehicles, the vehicles the blueprints are based off of must be researched first.

What do you think? Do you think that paper vehicles should be added, or avoided? If added, how would you implement them?


Would be fun, especially for some planes, if there was some sort of pve content akin to helo mode.


Just wait for the older players to come in saying “No, we want a monopoly because we played earlier than you.”

But tbh, that’d be pretty cool.


I just want to fly some old test planes like the X29. I don’t know if any of these ever became combat ready.
A race mode or even extreme high altitude mode would be incredible. Imagine SR-71 races near the darkness of space.
Darkness of submarine warfare was intense and it was slow.

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No. I don’t want or need this game copying World of Tanks. I’m already irritated enough that fake garbage like the Yak-141 and that one Russian bastard ship were added in.

R2Y2’s, you say? They’re not even all that great, they can go.
Nippon F-16? Was trialed but ultimately declined. More grey area there to justify the add but wouldn’t hurt my feelings too much if it was removed. I await the Mitsubishi F-2.

Flagging my take now, huh? Amusing.


I am all for adding paper tanks, as long as they don’t get rainy maps.


Unpopular opinion (I hope not): the vehicles made only on paper or in part should be added when there are no more seriously built vehicles to add.

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gaijin still pushing some fake stuff around but i wouldnt compare very real Jpn F-16 or Swedish Mi-28 to fantasy 105 tiger and panther 2 are stats wise. In Recent history not talking about the fake CMs which I think are fine unless we get massive decompression Kronshtadt is one of the biggest criminal while it was laid down but it is boasting some questionable fantasy guns instead 38cm guns the soviet actualy bought for it and design was to be changed. And I don’t think we will see pure paper vehicles soon since theres million real stuff to add still.


Yet, the Ostwind II is allowed to stay?


It should be the last thing but yes why not. Before more vehicles find their way into the game I would like to see that gaps are filled and some minor nations get useful additions like light tanks for example.



We need gaps filled in

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No. Paper vehicles should continue to not be added to War Thunder.
Not eve F-16AJ was paper, it’s a YF-16 demonstrated to Japan.

Dude, you can’t include real vehicles like Yak-141 & Kron, your posts is null & void.

Mi-28 is a real aircraft.


How the hell is this racist?

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Paper vehicles? What are you on about?

Give an inch and they’ll take a mile and next thing we’ll know it’ll be if X was added why not Y and suddenly every wonder weapon pipe dream will be running around the game.
That can stay in wot.
The current system with the rules for air and ground and the looser rules for naval works fine.

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Tiger II 105, O-I etc

Ostwind II pretty grey area too on its existence and was replacement for coelian so we kinda are stuck with it regardless. We might get the silly single mount on panther hull maybe who knows.
@AlvisWisla I know Mi-28 is real but similarly to japans F-16 Sweden only trailed it and rejected it.

So that’s racist?

Russian is an ethnicity, not a race…

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Do you mean prototypes?