Paper Vehicles: Should they be added, or forgotten?

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insult aren’t needed cause you don’t want this plane in the game

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Pointing out an observation founded on evidence is hardly an insult.

If you don’t like your poor reading comprehension being highlighted, then improve it so you can do a better job with discussions and not come off as an ignorant sod moving goalposts just for the sake of moving goalposts.

Do better for yourself. Reading comprehension is a skill as valuable as gold.

how is it fake
and more then one was made

Arado 234 was used in bomb runs against the Ludendorff bridge.

IMO the best argument in favor of paper tanks is how it could benefit minor nations, who might not get any other vehicles otherwise.

It would be interesting to see tanks like Hungarian 44M Tas in-game


Edit: I can see how some people would find it annoying being killed/outperformed by what is effectively a “fake” vehicle. That’s why I think extra care should be put into these to make them as “grounded” as possible, and not overpowered.


C-3 didn’t have guns.

Except your comment I replied to just said “Ar 234”, and didn’t specify the version.

You’re moving the goalpost


Yes I did:

Stop falsely accusing everyone you come across.

For reference, see the exact comment I replied to.

You can click the little blue arrow, and it will take you there

from the Il-2 forums



It isn’t fake. He’s just bigoted.

Doble standarts again…

No “only on paper” Tanks/Planes please…

That’s where the other company starts heading Years ago, and it shows.

If Gaijin starts to open Pandora’s Box completely, this game will thrive towards chasing the carrot.

No diversity in Tanks and Plaines anymore, everything could and will be made up.

The balance will be even more F’ed up, because the “newest Sh!t” needs to be sold to people and so on…

I’m leaning strongly against this…

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The O-I isn’t a paper vehicle it’s simply a vehicle with a large amount of information not closed for public view. Unless you find someone who can request to see it. Even then it isn’t much.

You mean “declassified/open for public”, right?

Is there any kind of material available, wich is describing this vehicle in detail?

If not, it’s sad to say, but we don’t need (more) “made up” vehicles.

I am honestly open to the idea of blueprint vehicles AS LONG AS:
Full specs are listed and/or easily available (armor, armament, ammo types, engine and power, etc.).
At least a handful of documents about it, no “drawn on napkin, call it good” stuff.
Any and all blueprint vehicles should be event or tech tree ONLY. No premium vehicles.
And lastly, blueprint vehicles undergo more extensive testing and balancing before reaching live servers.

Under these conditions, I believe blue print vehicles would be fine to start adding to the game.

No I mean it isn’t open to the Public. But it is declassified. However, unless you are an advisor/historian with approval you will not read touch nor even be allowed in.

i’m against, if something doesn’t exist or isn’t fully tested it shouldn’t be in game.

and the reason for this is :

this ^

if one paper vehicle is added, everyone will start going “but where is my paper vehicle for X nation”, and each time gaijin adds one, we will get deeper in the rabbit hole, with more and more fantasy vehicles. The cited message above is a pretty good example.

the Yak-141 and Kron were already bad enough (for a tree that doesn’t even need them), no need to make the situation even worse.

And before Razer comes with its list of fantastic vehicles in other trees, yes, if kron and yak are removed, so should those vehicles.