Pantsir-SM 8x8 Ultimate Short Range Air Defense Missile System and SPAAG

I see CAS mains got here to vote no.
This is very much needed.


I think a huge counterbalance is needed for CAS as a whole, I’d love to see other equivalent systems for other nations. I’d do some suggestions myself, I’m just not very informed with other nations systems, so I’ll leave those to the experts on those.


Eh right now I would say no, the Pantsir is already one of the best (if not THE best) SPAA in game right now, although perhaps when the time comes as a potential ~12.7 tech tree vehicle alongside other nations equivelents obviously

-1 for now, but +1 in the fairly distant future, maybe 2-3 years i guess


Yes, however this is specific for this system.
Topics like that can go to “CAS is OP” topics and general topics about SPAA.
I do and will always say in every topic that has SPAA better than Pantsir S1 and ITO-90M that they’re needed.

If you have any non-Pantsir-SM related comments, I implore to either DM them to me or ping me in a relevant topic. :)

Ah yes, CAS should stay unkillable for 2 - 3 years… /s

I mean its always going to be an issue, simple band-aid solution would be to make higher teir aircraft have to take off from the airfield first instead of air spawn.

Personally i dont find CAS to be a massive issue like people claim but it might just be me, im more of an Air RB/SB guy

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Until or unless other countries get similar capabilities, than no this doesn’t currently have a place in game at the moment. It could in the future, but for now I’m going to put this at a probably temporary -1.


I believe it should be added at some point in the future. The regular Pantsir is already far and away the most powerful and capable SPAA in the game, and Gaijin needs to bring the other nations up to its level. Once there are anti-air vehicles equipping each nation at the same level as the current Pantsir system, then we can talk about adding the SM. Until then, it simply has to wait.


Im still unclear on whether this would be better or worse than the current one. But I just don’t believe russia needs yet another insanely powerful AA while other countries don’t have anything comparable

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This seems duplicate to existing suggestions
Pantsir-S1M, 8x8 Short Range Air Defense Missile System and SPAAG - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum

-1 the Pantsir S1 already outperforms every other nation’s AA options by such a massive margin that this vehicle is not currently required.

Perhaps it might be added in the future, but other nations should be priority at this time.


From the S1M post:

Difference between the Pantsir-S1M and Pantsir-SM : The Pantsir-SM has a 40km engagement range while the Pantsir-S1M has a maximum of 30km furthermore the Pantsir-SMs new missile (57E6ME) can travel at a staggering 2,000 m/s while the Pantsir-S1M is travels at 1,700 m/s.
The Pantsir-SM is also capable of a load of 48 smaller missiles (4 missiles per tube) and can engage drones out to 7km. Perhaps I or someone else can get around to a Pantsir-SM/Pantsir-SM-TBM soon

i belive that most of the voters (inculding me) who choose “No” are think that “Don’t suffer from scarcity but from inequality” cause the gap between spaa is greater than CAS, CAS only has an efficiency gap but spaa’s gap is not only the load capacity, but also shoot range, G overload, TNT equivalent…etc.

i don’t think this is needed right now

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It’s not a duplicate, they just have the same layout because I made the Pantsir-S1M post and some information from that vehicle is somewhat relevant to this vehicle, like the cannons and chassis etc, the differences warrant a whole new suggestion.

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I agree, this post wasn’t created under the text, “it’s needed right now” it’s a suggestion for future consideration when vehicles of its caliber are added, like the Spyder AIO, SLAMRAAM and alike.

YYYEEAAAHHHH BUDDY!! +1. Congrats bro, what’s next? XD

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Thank you, I’ll let you do the TOR-M2 :D
That one shouldn’t be too hard to gather information on.

Oof. That’ll be hard cause I’m currently busy with college. It’s almost over so I’ll see what I can do after I’m done

I see CAS mains got here to vote no

Not really, we don’t need more Pantsirs at the current meta of the game and especially when some TTs don’t have any form of SACLOS guided SPAA (aka Italy).

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Of course i would like it to be added but not how it is now. Give every nation a good mobile Anti-Air or their latest one and improve the weapons range on both helicopters and jets and add new weapons. (AGM-88, etc)