Pantsir-S1M, 8x8 Short Range Air Defense Missile System and SPAAG

That’s the point >:)

What the actual fuck


As I said with the Chinese version of the Pantsir: NO.
The Pantsir is already good enough as a SAM system. You don’t need an even better version of the best SAM system in this game. Clearly Russian bias doesn’t exist.

As CAS gradually gets more and more longer range these SAMs are definitely worthy options, not saying right now but whenever we start to see more stuff like the Su-25SM3 in fighter form.

Also not in Russia. Also with an RWR that can go up to the K band

I found some interesting stuff on the Pantsir-SM, supposedly it has a AESA radar called (AFAR)


awaiting approval :)

Also something else I found out, the Pantsir-S1 is supposed to have the smaller drone missiles.


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First lets have a weapon that can actually go like 20 km (not russian weapons) and then yea it can be a cool idea

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Systems like the Spyder AIO and SLAMRAAM would be perfect counters.

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Is that the Pantsir-SM waiting for approval?

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Yes. Indeed

It is, there’s another section I want to add to it once it’s approved.

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bruh the Pantsir in game has a guaranteed range of 18km and the maps are 18km radius…lmao

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Right now, however I’m sure in the future air spawns and maps will get a bit larger.

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Of course not, can’t have Russia losing anything

Untill every Nation get equivalent SPAAs such as Italy,USA…etc, then it would be a good idea, if not then naah pantsir ingame is already strong against CAS and the most powerful SPAA in the game atm, so no.

Sorry since this post isn’t exactly the most related to this one but saying you haven’t seen it already

The real deal, Pantsir-SM-TBM in the flesh

I made a sub section for it on my Pantsir-SM post

Italy and Israel as well. Neither of them have effective SPAA systems either. Its also not true that (as Kingtiez says) Japan doesn’t have equivalents, the Type 81 is capable of firing a long range radar missile. While the radar guidance unit is equipped on a different truck, each launch unit is capable of firing and guiding in the missile with the use of laser and IRST tracking completely independently. while the lack of a search radar is a draw back, most planes after burn up out of search angles within seconds of spawning anyway. And its not like Japan gets radars on their missile SPAAs anyway

I assume would be 12.3 BR and located after Pantsir-S1M at rank 8